International Office

Prolongation of the Visa Permit

Those of you who have got the long term visa till the end of the current academic year and will need to prolong it for another year of studies, you have to prepare these things to be able to apply for the long residence permit:

  •          Filled in Long term residency permit application form
  •          Passport - valid till the end of the stay (the end of the next academic year)
  •          Confirmation of your student status
  •          Confirmation of accommodation provision
  •          Evidence of sufficient financial means for the whole period of stay
  •          Health insurance for the whole period of stay
  •          2 passport-size photographs

The Student Affairs Office at the faculty will provide the document on your student status towards the end of the academic year.
The Accommodation Services office at the dormitories will provide the document about accommodation.
You need to prove having sufficient money for the whole period - at least 82 000 crowns; the easiest way to prove it is a Czech bank statement (výpis z účtu); otherwise, you need a translation of your international bank's statement into Czech – done by an officially certified translator. For example, René Souček – rene.soucek@volny.cz
Czech governmental scholarship holders present the document about the scholarship provision.
An ATM card issued in your name or accompanied by a document from the bank proving that the card can be used by you – again you need this in Czech.
Health insurance for the whole period – please make sure you have comprehensive health insurance and also that when you pay they issue you a card with it too.
Check the size of the photograph you are going to present at:
If the size is not OK, you can go to a little photoshop near the townhall and ask for the right size - pasová fotografie.

Remember that all the documents you present cannot be older than 180 days. E.g., your bank account statement cannot be from January if you are submitting your application in August.

Vložte obrázek 167x167

You will need to take all the prepared documents to the relevant office - opposite the building H. OAMP, Voroněžská 144/20, Liberec. They are open:
Mo, We: 8.00 - 17.00
Tue, Th: 8.00 - 14.00
They are NOT open to the public on Friday!
If you leave things till the last day and you come there on Friday, that might be the end of your stay - it has already happened.

When you go to submit your application and collect your residency card,
you will need to pay in the form of special stamps which you can buy at the post office (next to the town hall - main entry, go to the right and in a little shop there they sell "kolky".


Either you go there in the working hours, get a number from the machine to the left from the main entrance and wait till your number appears on the screen - it can take a long waiting time. Or, you can make an appointment in advance at this telephone number: 974 460 850 and come for the time provided – do not come late. On the other hand, they might be busy and be a little late, so do not panic if your number does not appear on the screen immediately.

You can apply for this 120 days before the end of validity of the existing permit till the latest day of validity of visa or residence permit – it must be the previous working day if it falls on Friday when the office is not open or if it falls on the weekend).

It takes again about 3 months to be processed. Do not lose the document they give you at the office when you submit your application.
You can follow online how far your application procedure has got:

If the validity of your current visa expires before the decision, as long as the application was submitted within the given time-limit, the visa is understood to be valid and you do not have to do anything. That is if you stay in the Czech Republic during that period. When the decision is complete, they will invite you to come to have your photograph and fingerprints taken.
The card is then issued usually within a week and you need to go there once more and collect it in person.

The tricky bit is if you apply and plan to leave the Czech Republic for the long period in summer without being here (for example an internship stay in the USA).
1.If you plan to leave and your previous visa time has expired and you do not have the decision yet, or if it is clear that it will expire while you are in another country, you need to go to the office before your departure and ask them for the interim visa stickerpřeklenovací štítek. It will give you a chance to return to the Czech Republic again.
2.When applying at the office, show them the dates when you will be abroad so that they know about it. If not, they will not know and may invite you to come to have your fingerprints taken, and you are not here. If you do not come within the timeframe they provide you and also, if you do not collect the finished card within the time they give you, the WHOLE PROCESS is announced as invalid and you start all over again from filling in the form and you risk that you will receive the departure order when you would have to go back home and re-apply for the Czech visa. In the meantime your next academic year here will have finished. And we can do absolutely nothing about it.

The Ministry of Interior page  has the complete information.