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International relations
LLP Erasmus

General Information for Guest Students and Staff

Erasmus Office:

Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 8.30h to 11.30h and from 13.00h to 15.00h.

Incoming Exchange Students Page

Content: 1-Introduction, 2-deadlines and application procedure, 3-accommodation, 4-contacts, 5-Erasmus Policy Statement, 6-forms and other information.

1. Introduction:

Within its different faculties, the Technical University of Liberec offers a range of English language study programmes in science, humanities as well as art and interdisciplinary fields of study.

The university uses the European Credit Transfer System. Consult the Course Catalogue to find detailed information about the course units in each study programme. 

Please, find below the respective ECTS Coordinator contact, a simple list of degree programs and some recommended subjects for incoming students. 

The Technical University of Liberec has well-equipped laboratories and classrooms, a modern University Library, and high-quality teams of researchers.

It offers very good social, cultural and sports facilities. Its Academic Sports Centre enables indoor and outdoor sports activities and there are excellent conditions for summer and winter sports within the town and its surroundings.

As one of few universities, TUL satisfies all requests for accommodation and catering in the modern university Halls of Residence in Harcov .

Ask a volonteer TUL student to help you at the beginning of your stay. This Buddy Programme and other activities are organized by TUL-ESN students club. You can register here.

Disabled students and staff can find information and assistance at TUL Academic Advisory Board.

2. Deadlines and Application Procedure:

The deadlines for applications are:

30. 6. for the winter semester (30. 5. if the student needs a VISA, see below)

30. 11. for the summer semester (30. 10. if the student needs a VISA, see below)

To consult the chosen subjects of your exchange stay, please contact the ECTS Coordinator of the corresponding faculty at TUL.

Applications should include: A Learning Agreement and a Transcript of records before the mobility duly signed.

The processed Learning Agreement will be sent back to the International Office of the home university as proof of acceptance.

The spring semester starts 23.02.2015 and ends 03.07.2015.

Accommodation for Incoming Erasmus students is available from 16.2.2015.

Welcome Days programme starts on 18.2.2015.

For students who need to apply for a VISA:

Please, inform us by e-mail about the town where you have applied for the VISA in your home country in order to send the electronic accommodation letter to the right consulate. Acceptance letters in Czech and English languages will be sent to the International Office of the home university together with the signed learning agreement and application form. These letters state the dates of the beginning and the end of the semester according to our academic calendar.

3. Accommodation:

Accommodation is booked upon acceptance of the student at Harcov Residence Halls. The cost for students is 100,-CZK/day for a single bed in a double room. A small kitchen and a bathroom are shared for each unit of two or three double rooms. There is no need to send a special application form or to register. A deposit of 3000,-CZK is required at arrival by cash and in Czech Krowns. The student should announce the date and time of arrival by e-mail and pay accommodation from the beginning of the semester even if he/she arrives later.

Address of Harcov residence Halls: Koleje Harcov (pronounced [koleye hartsof]), 17 Listopadu 584, 46015 Liberec 15, Czech Republic. (e-mail: us.koleje@tul.cz)

Visiting staff have the possibility to book a room at Harcov Hotel Accommodation.

4. Contacts, Forms and Other information:

Ing. Kateřina Feckaničová,  Erasmus Institutional Coordinator

Veronika Jehličková, erasmus@tul.cz

Address: Technical University of Liberec, Studentská 2, 461 17 Liberec 1, Czech Republic

! CZECH LANGUAGE COURSE - the Czech language course for Erasmus students will be open in summer semester:    KCL/CCE1 - 2 ECTS. The course will be held every Thursday from 10.40 am in the room num. S4027, building S.  Students who has already filled their Learning agreements and want attend the course will be ask to make  "Changes to their Learning Agreements".                                                                           



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Welcome days - winter semester 2014-2015
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Winter semester 2014/2015 - information for Incoming students
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6. ECTS Coordinators
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Application Form - Learning Agreement for Studies 2014/15 - Incoming
  doc updated: 26.3.2014

Courses taught in English - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  doc updated: 4.3.2015

Courses taught in English - Faculty of Textile Engineering
  pdf updated: 14.4.2014

Courses taught in English - Faculty of Mechatronics and Interdisciplinary Engineering
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Courses taught in English - Faculty of Education
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Courses taught in English - Faculty of Economics
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Confirmation of study period
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How to Get to Liberec and First Steps
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Practical Information
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Welcome Days Gallery
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Archived documents are available below.

Archived documents »

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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - recommended courses in English
  doc doc updated: 4.3.2015, archived: 14.4.2014

Faculty of Textile Engineering - recommended courses in English
  pdf updated: 30.10.2013, archived: 14.4.2014

Faculty of Education - recommended courses in English
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Faculty of Economics - recommended courses in English
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Faculty of Mechatronics - recommended courses in English...
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Application Form
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Learning Agreement
  doc updated: 12.7.2012, archived: 26.3.2014

Changes to the Learning Agreement
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Training Agreement
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Transcript of Records
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Training Agreement
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List of Degree Programmes
  doc updated: 11.10.2010, archived: 6.8.2014

ECTS / Faculty Coordinators
  pdf pdf updated: 25.1.2013, archived: 1.1.2013

Partner Universities
  pdf updated: 25.5.2009, archived: 6.8.2014

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