(Summer) Internship Positions

The Technical University of Liberec offers internships in various fields of research. This page provides an overview of specific topics, costs and procedures. Follow the links below to find topics in your area of study.



The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering offers the following internship positions for non-TUL students from abroad. Please beware that the visa process takes usually three months.

For Erasmus students the grant can be used to cover the fees connected with the stay, the other students are freemovers and it is up to them to find finances to cover the fees.
If you are interested, speak with the administrative contact or directly with the supervisors. Send either of them your CV, motivation letter and the summary of your current study results.



The Technical University offers a unique opportunity to undergraduate and postgraduate students of textile engineering. Students can spend between 30 to 90 days in our state of art laboratories and work on the solution of a specific scientific problem.
Select from Topics 1 - 13 below.

DEADLINE for application: March 10, 2017

All textile engineering positions are TAKEN.

•  Internship at the largest Faculty of Textile Engineering in Europe
•  Excellent laboratories
•  Individual mentoring by the well-known Professors of the Faculty of Textile Engineering and work in their international research teams
•  Credit value 15 ECTS credits and certification after successful presentation of final report
•   An opportunity to study in Liberec - a beautiful central European town in Bohemia near to Prague
•  Accommodation at university dormitories with student rate including student price for meals in canteen

The fee for students from other schools than those of our partners pay the fee 250 USD/month.
•  Living costs approx. USD 400 or less/month (includes accommodation, food, public transportation, mandatory health insurance, etc.)
•  Airfare

APPLICATION must include:
•  Title of the chosen internship. Student can select three topics as a list of preference order.
•  Suggested duration and term.
•  Letter of recommendation from a Professor, Assoc. Professor or Assist. Professor
•  Letter of motivation including previous experience in research work
•  Academic transcript from the previous study
•  Scan of the main page of a valid passport
•  B1 level (intermediate) of English language - can be checked via Skype

Ing. Pavla Těšinová, Ph.D. – Vice-Dean for International Affairs
Ing. Hana Musilová – Assistant for International Study Affairs

After the pre-selection, the successful applicants will be notified.

Topic 1  
Drying speed testing on a new equipment
Topic 2  
Water-vapour permeability tests comparison
Topic 3  
Nanoindentation and Nanoscratch Testing
Topic 4  
Preparation of activated carbon by conventional and microwave heating
Topic 5  
Development and characterization of cement and geopolymer concrete composites                 
Topic 6  
Development of flame retardant fibrous materials
Topic 7  
Novel concepts of textile recycling
Topic 8  
Characterization of multifunctional properties of nanoparticle coated textiles
Topic 9 
Cooling efficiency of various textile structures and materials used for underwear and sport dresses
Topic 10
Cooling efficiency of various finishing agents applied on fabrics for underwear and sport dresses
Topic 11 
Comfort of clothes and automotive seating
Topic 12 
Sensorial Comfort of Textile Materials - The Kawabata Evaluation System (KES)
Topic 13  
Application of CT tomography for the study of clothing materials