Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - Application Process

Thank you for submitting your application form!

To finish the application process, you MUST send scans of the following documents to radka.dvorakova@tul.cz as soon as possible:

-          confirmation of payment of the application fee (see the payment details below)
-          bachelor diploma (provisional certificate)
-          diploma supplement
-          copy of your passport

Your application form will be registered, once we receive these documents.

Payment details will appear once you complete the application and you can select the option that is more convenient for you:

Bank transfer
Name of the account holder:  Technicka univerzita v Liberci
Name of the bank: CSOB (Ceskoslovenska obchodni banka Liberec
Bank address: 1. maje 79/18, Liberec, 461 78, Czech Republic
Swift (BIC-Bank Identifier code): CEKO CZ PP
IBAN: CZ16 0300 0000 0006 8164 1013

Within the IBAN the following two types of information are included:
The account number: 681641013
Bank code: 0300

Payment online
To the right from the card symbols click on the button Zaplatit kartou
Click on the printscreens below to enlarge them so that you can see the two steps of the process you will go through.              

Next steps of the addmission process:

-          recognition of previous education (find detailed information here)
-          written entrance examinations – you will be informed by e-mail in advance

In case of problems with the above mentioned e-mail address, please write to international@tul.cz