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Exploring the Town-Gown Relationships

Why not take your friends and go out there to explore and meet
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Streets in Liberec

The town of Liberec
University years are more than just learning about the selected area of study. It is also a time to make lasting friendships and grow every day. Make sure you know what's on offer, so you can really get the most out of your time as a student. And remember that the lessons the university time can teach you are not confined only to the lecture halls.

Townhall and Jested

The fifth largest town in the country with 100,000+ inhabitants
The city is situated in the north of the country, at the borders with Poland and Germany in a valley surrounded by the Jizera Mountains in the north and the Jested Mountain Ridge in the south. Its inhabitants enjoy historical buildings, modern architecture, lookout towers, technical monuments, cultural events and excellent sport facilities.

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Academic Sports Centre

Academic Sports Centre
For sportsmen it is a must to go and explore the facilities offered by the Academic Sports Centre. It is run by the Department of Physical Education and you will find it close to the bus stop Stodolní near the complex of Halls of Residence in Harcov.

To learn more about the District of Liberec you can visit the district authorities' portal, which is called Up Hill and Down Dale.