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Supporting Visitors, Students and Staff with Special Needs

TUL Students with hearing impairment

Academic Counselling and Support Centre of the Technical University of Liberec

The Centre provides a complex range of services. Applicants, students and staff members can bring their problems to the experts employed by the Centre. The areas of consultations cover:

  • study matters - selection of the study programme, adaptation to studies at the University, development of study skills, life-long learning opportunities,
  • psychological issues - dealing with conflict and stress, development of concentration, psychohygiene and /solving study problems,
  • social problems - financial and social areas of life in general and for people with health problems and special learning needs,
  • career focus - orientation at the labour market, positive self-presentation, success at interviews, composing CVs,
  • spiritual life - life philosophy, self-evaluation and life values.
TUL wheelchair access

Currently there are 50 permanent clients of the Centre
About 500 consultations are provided in a year. The interest is growing constantly. The Centre also provides further education to the University staff. Students with special learning needs can depend on a wide range of support tools and compensation equipment.                       

Compensation tools at TUL

Compensation tools
The path-guided indoor navigation system provides more autonomy around the campus to people with special needs. Braille labels make life so much easier for the visually impaired. So do the assistive listening systems, for example induction loops, for the hearing-impared people. A database of digitalised texts and streaming of lectures by the technology Mediasite is available on a study portal. Clients can work with specialised software, notebooks and printers.

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Students in class

Adaptations of classrooms and Halls of Residence to the needs of students with disabilities
Two classrooms and four rooms in the Halls of Residence have been adapted to suit needs of 9 physically-impaired students. The Centre employees assistants who accompany their clients around the campus.