Campus Tour 1

Location in Healthy and Safe Environment

The Czech Republic is located in Central Europe. It is surrounded by Germany to the northwest, Poland to the northeast, Slovakia to the southeast and Austria to the south. It has no coastline. The Czech Republic consists of three main parts: Czech Lands (or Bohemia) to the west, Moravia to the southeast and Silesia to the northeast. The capital, Prague, is located slightly to the northwest. The Technical University in Liberec is about 100 kilometres to the north of Prague.

There is perhaps only one place in the world where it takes only 15 minutes by tram to transport yourself from a natural ski resort to a magnificent, traditional theatre. A city where it takes just a few moments to swap a unique mountain hotel for a tropical glasshouse filled with orchids. A city that gave the world one of the most famous car constructors in history. A city on the outskirts of which a traditional cross-country skiing race is held, one of the biggest in Europe. This is Liberec, our town.

Czech Republic in the Heart of Europe