Frequently Asked Questions

The Technical University of Liberec, like all Czech universities and virtually the whole Czech society, has found itself in an extraordinary regime. It is caused by the spread of the COVID-19 infection in the Czech Republic and the related State of Emergency announcement in the Czech Republic. Direct (contact) teaching on the University premises is suspended until further notice. This of course raises many questions and uncertainty, both on the part of students and employees. Below, we are adding and updating answers to frequently asked questions. We appreciate your patience and hope to be able to cancel these FAQs and return to standard mode soon.

If you did not find an answer to your question, you can write to us at info@tul.cz. We will do our best to answer all your questions. Recurrent questions will be added here.

What is the current teaching regime at TUL? Are there any exceptions to the prohibition of personal presence of students at the university?

The personal presence of students in mass forms of teaching is forbidden. Collective activities (teaching, exams, credits, etc.) can only be implemented by distance learning. Personal presence of students is allowed at consultations or exams in the presence of up to 5 people, for laboratory, experimental or artistic work, especially for the implementation of final theses in the presence of up to 5 people, clinical and practical teaching and practice and individual visits to libraries and study rooms for collection of the study literature after prior reservation.

And with effect from 11 May 2020, the following applies:
The personal presence of students in mass full-time forms of teaching and examinations in the TUL facilities and its components in connection with their studies is currently prohibited in groups of more than 15 people until further notice. The Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic of 30 April 2020 allows for the personal presence of students while studying at a university only if the condition of the presence of a maximum of 15 people is met. This restriction does not apply to clinical and practical teaching and practice.

The student participates in the above forms of teaching, examination, or other activities at the university only if the following conditions are met:
- is free from acute health problems corresponding to a viral infectious disease (eg fever, cough, shortness of breath, sudden loss of taste and smell, etc.),
- carries out hand disinfection at the entrance to the examination room, the disinfectant is being provided by the university,
- no quarantine measure has been ordered to him at that time,
- provides a written declaration stating that there were no symptoms of a viral infectious disease during the previous two weeks.

According to the media, the Technical University of Liberec produces protective masks with excellent properties (comparable to respirators). Where can I get them?
The University does produce masks, but all nano-material for the protective masks and the masks as such are delivered to the Liberec Region in agreement with the Regional Crisis Staff, which ensures their distribution to the most needy people and professions. Thus, there are no oral masks available for sale or order at the University. Volunteers for sewing masks can apply only through the Liberec Region (dobrovolnictvi@kraj-lbc.cz).

Until when will the University be closed?
Currently, contact lessons are suspended until further notice. We assume that at least until the end of the State of Emergency in the Czech Republic, i.e. April 12, 2020. We will inform you immediately of any changes in the currently set mode or specific dates.

Will the Summer Semester be extended?
The summer semester 2020 will be extended, all other details (including the methods and schedule of examinations) will be published on the websites of all faculties and on the University website. We will try to issue a revised timetable for the Academic Year 2019/2020 by the end of March, but due to the dynamically changing situation we cannot guarantee this as a deadline. The solutions of individual faculties and departments may differ and will be based on the specifics and possibilities of particular study programs.

Why has my teacher not sent me online instructions?
The whole situation is still fresh, in some departments there may still be everything in the development and planning of a suitable strategy. We ask for your patience as well, as it is a new situation both for academics and learns to handle it. We will certainly contact you in the coming days. If the delay is long, feel free to contact your teacher or the head of the department by an email.

Why do the measures of universities differ?
Higher education institutions are fully governed by the current Government regulations, only in some partial aspects they may be differently set up. The current measures at TUL will adapt and change over time. The main priority now is the health of students and employees.

Are the State Examinations cancelled?
We certainly do not plan to spare you State Examinations. All details (including methods and schedule of examinations) will be published on the websites of all faculties and on the University website. The solutions of individual faculties and departments may differ and will be based on the specifics and possibilities of particular study programs.

What if I have an exam scheduled for the closing period?
We recommend you to contact the examiner for further action. It is important for everyone at the University to be able to fulfil their study duties properly and on time, but at the same time we must respect the meaning of the restrictions set by the Government of the Czech Republic.

When will we know the final dates of the exams?
We will publish all the details of the exam schedule on the websites of all faculties and on the University website - see the answer to “Will the summer semester be extended?” above.

Should I study for my exams?
Definitely, yes! Get ready, devote enough time and attention to home study, more than usual. Direct contact learning has its indisputable advantages that online learning is hard to replace. Homework can be much more demanding than if you went to school. Be aware of it, please, and don't waste your time.

Will the deadlines for submission of diploma theses change?
Most likely, yes. However, come what may, please do not idle with writing your bachelor's or master's thesis and in any case be in touch with your supervisor. All details on the schedule for the rest of the summer semester will be posted on the websites of all faculties and on the University website - see the answer to "Will the summer semester be extended?" above.

Why are the students’ canteen and the dormitories still open?
Life at the University does not end with the interruption of contact lessons at TUL. Many students and employees staying in Liberec need and use accommodation and catering services. Please, show consideration for them and follow the governmental regulations of the Czech Republic concerning protective masks, mouthpieces or respirators, as well as increased hygiene rules. 

Do I have to pay for the Halls of Residence if I am not staying in the dorms because of the current situation now? Are there discounts for dormitories fees?
Students' questions about the necessity of payment for accommodation in the Halls of Residence and the canteen meals are collected by its management. TUL Accommodation and Catering Services search for a suitable solution. However, the situation is very hectic and changes every day. The provision of meals, food distribution and operation of the dormitories under the current regime is very demanding in terms of organization and time. Please be patient. You will be informed about the resulting solution via the web, e-mails and social networks as soon as life on the dormitory life returns to normal.

Why are foreign students seen on campus?
The State of Emergency does not imply that we will force all foreigners to leave Liberec. Foreign students are an integral part of our academic community. Many of them have been studying here for a long time. Therefore, they fulfil their study obligations in the "on-line mode" as well as students from the Czech Republic. Traveling home could often mean additional health risks for them and cause them complications when returning to the Czech Republic. Please, show consideration for them and try to help them in this unusual situation.

Should COVID-19 be confirmed in any of TUL's students / staff, will the entire University be closed?
The Technical University of Liberec maintains close contact with regional hygienists and the Liberec Region. Should such a situation arise, we will address it fully in accordance with their recommendations. Talking about closing the whole University is premature at this point.

Is there a risk of delaying the entrance examination?
With regard to the rapid development of the current situation, the management of the University and individual faculties is waiting. We would like to present the first comprehensive information on the current academic year schedule, including the admission procedure schedule, by the end of March.

Are the deadlines for nominations for stays abroad for the next academic year at risk?
We believe that the next semester will run without major problems. The current situation will probably last only a few weeks. However, attention should be paid to preventing the spread of COVID-19. As soon as the situation calms down, we will inform you of the next steps.

What should students who are currently on study stays abroad do?
Follow the information sent to you by the Foreign Office of TUL (https://www.tul.cz/en/international-office). Follow the instructions on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, or on the website of the embassy in the country where you are.

Will there be any possibility to use the services of the TUL Library?
In connection with the current measures of the Government of the Czech Republic, which is valid from Monday 16, March 2020 until Tuesday 24, March 2020, the University Library of the Technical University of Liberec is going into the online mode. However, the electronic catalogues of our library are extensive. Please, check (https://knihovna.tul.cz/en/collections/collections).
Moreover, students and academics can access temporary online access to National Library collections through the Kramerius application (http://kramerius.nkp.cz/). More than 206,000 titles, digitized monographs and periodicals are made available, which is over 59 million pages. While the emergency is declared, students and teachers can open and read these funds, but logically, downloading and printing these funds is not allowed. It is necessary to access Kramerius from computers outside the network of the Technical University of Liberec via VPN (http://liane.tul.cz/en/VPN).

Can I participate in volunteer assistance as a TUL student?
We greatly appreciate the hundreds of our students who offer their helping hand in this emergency and want to help as volunteers in various areas. You can definitely get involved. There is a great interest in students of the Faculty of Science, Humanities and Education and the Faculty of Health Studies, and also other students are gradually joining. Volunteers for sewing of protective masks can apply by e-mail dobrovolnictvi@kraj-lbc.cz.Thank you all!

Which actions are cancelled at the University? And will there be alternative dates?
Unfortunately, the current development of the situation affects many of the big events that the University organizes or participates in. We were forced to postpone the ice hockey match King of the North (probably till October). The question mark also hangs over the “Majales” event (https://www.facebook.com/events/702874596865129/). Its fate will be decided in the coming days. Many lectures and workshops had to be cancelled by individual faculties and departments. Keep an eye on the TUL events calendar after the most stringent measures have passed, where events can be re-added with new dates.

Are elections to the TUL Academic Senate at risk?
We are intensively addressing the issue of legitimate and legitimate elections. At the moment, several variants which will enable the highest possible turnout of all members of the academic community and at the same time not contradict the rules set by the electoral regulations are being discussed. We will announce the solution as soon as possible. 

Will meetings of academic senates and other University bodies continue to be held?
Unfortunately, in view of the current regulation of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, senators who do not have at least part-time work at TUL, are not allowed to attend the Senate meetings. The March meeting of the Academic Senate of the Technical University of Liberec was postponed to April. However, further meetings should be held. The work of academic senates is vital for the University and its faculties.

Is it fair if someone has a "home office" and another does not?
It is not, but you cannot do otherwise. While some TUL employees can carry out much of their agenda from home, the presence of others at the University is irreplaceable and the possibilities of working from home are limited. We appreciate the commitment of all.

The academics are at home and they don't work?
The academics may be at home, but they definitely do work. They have many scientific and publishing responsibilities, work on their research projects and mainly prepare materials and activities for on-line learning with their students.

Why are there no precise instructions for everything from the Rectorate?
Universities are not centralistic units and each faculty has its own specifics. Therefore, a uniform regime for all cannot be ordered from above. It is always necessary to respect the autonomy of the faculties and other parts of TUL and to leave some steps up to them.