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Academic Cooperation Centre in Euroregion Nisa (ACC)

The Technical University of Liberec relates strongly to the Euroregion Nisa-Neisse-Nysa and its history. To promote ties between the higher education institutions active near the Czech-German-Polish border, the Academic Coordination Centre (ACC) was founded in 1991. It coordinates the educational, scientific and research activities of pedagogical and research staff of the universities.

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Administrative Head of the Academic Coordination Centre in Euroregion Nisa (ACC)
PaedDr. Helena Neumannová, PhD.,
Building H, 6th floor,
tel.: 00420485352318,
email: helena.neumannova@tul.cz

 Since 2009 it has published the ACC Journal, a reviewed scientific journal three times a year. The first issue contains contributions focused on natural sciences and technology, the second one is focused on the science of economics and the third on social sciences. The ACC JOURNAL has been included in the database of the Research and Development Council since 2015 (List of reviewed non-impact journals published in the Czech Republic). The results are recorded and evaluated in the Information Register of R&D results.Simultaneously, it has been also included in the international database Index Copernicus International.

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