International Office

TUL Internationalisation Strategy

Internationalisation is one of the core features of the University Strategic Plan. The overarching priority is to enhance the University's global presence. The TUL is distinctly a Czech University based in the north of the Czech Republic, but its reach and aspirations are international and it is in this context that its operation must be measured. The document Strategy for Internationalisation of the Technical University in Liberec, approved of by the Academic Senate of the University on 9 December, 2014,  sets out three clear priorities, outlines main practical iniciatives and lists indicators to be used to measure the degree of the fulfilment of the planned objectives. Overall, it ensures inter-cultural and global issues are reflected in various aspects of university life.

Overview of the Key Concepts of the TUL Strategy for Internationalisation (2015-18)

International Staff Week
One of the instruments for deepening internationalisation at the TUL is the International Staff Week, which is a week of international meetings and discussions which are organised for representatives of all TUL partners in the Erasmus+ programme. In 2017 our International Staff Week was organized from 29 May to 2 June, 2017. We thank all international guests and friends who participated in it.

Participants in the International Staff Week 2017.