Meet our International Faculty and Staff

Rafael Torres

Rafael Omar Torres Mendieta, Ph.D., MSc., originally from Mexico 
Department of Nanomaterials in Natural Sciences, Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovation, Researcher and Lecturer
"I am grateful to be part of the TUL, a high quality institution with outstanding research and educational opportunities. From a personal point of view, I consider that the international and multidisciplinary atmosphere at the university provides unique professional and personal experiences, enriching not only your scientific perspective but also helping you to become a better human being."


fatma yalcinkaya

Fatma Yalcinkaya, Ph.D., MSc., originally from Turkey
Department of Nanotechnologies and Informatics, Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovation, Researcher
"I am very proud to be part of the TUL family which has a good qualified educational system and high-tech research opportunities. The staff undertake research and teaching according to the highest international standards. The lecturers and researchers are involved in interesting research which helps students from whole around the world to engage more. You may enjoy the warmest hospitality at the TUL."


Adnan Mazari

Ing. Adnan Mazari, PhD., originally from Pakistan
Department of Clothing, Faculty of Textile Engineering, Lecturer
“It is a great privilege to be part of the TUL. From my studying experience to working full-time as teacher here, I would say the university has great possibilities for students to learn and enjoy their student life. As a teacher, the possibilities to interact with multinational students and fully equipped laboratories make studies more explicable. Moreover, the state-of- the-arts laboratories provide an excellent opportunity for research work.“


sandra braun

Sandra Braun, M.A., originally from Austria
Department of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Economics, Lecturer

"Teaching German at the Faculty of Economics means great methodological freedom and space for individuality. The knowledge that speaking German can make a real difference in our students’ professional lives makes this task so gratifying."



Mgr. Adama Zizien, originally from Burkina Faso
University Library, Librarian

"I truly appreciate that my profession enables me to work with the international community. Already 20 years ago when I started working for the University Library, did I know that the University would provide me with promising professional development opportunities. Even today I think that the potential of our library for further growth is apparent."



Nicola S. Karásková M.A. (Oxon), originally from the United Kingdom
Department of English, Faculty of Science, Humanities and Education, Lecturer
"I am grateful for the opportunity to be a teacher of teachers, here in the land of John Amos Comenius. I appreciate how humble, respectful and teachable the vast majority of today's Czech students are. They display an eagerness to learn, discernment and just plain common sense, which gives me great hope for this, my adopted country."


Vložte obrázek 167x167

Ing. Athanasios Podaras, PhD., originally from Greece
Department of Informatics, Faculty of Economics,
"I am really lucky to be able to do my dream job. I teach young people from the Czech Republic and from other countries too in the Czech Republic, the second home of myself and my family. And I can be involved in scientific activities, my great passion.


There are now several dozens of international faculty and staff working at the Technical University of Liberec.