International Office

Departmental Advisors

In case you are facing difficulties or require clarification about your studies please contact the advisors of your faculty. Here are the contacts:

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Ing. Marcela Válková, tel.: +420 485 353 591, email: marcela.valkova@tul.cz

Faculty of Textile Engineering
Ing. Pavla Těšinová, Ph.D.,  tel.: +420 485 353 734, email: pavla.tesinova@tul.cz

Faculty of Economics
Ing. Jaroslav Demel, tel.:+420 485 352 203, email: jaroslav.demel@tul.cz
Ing. Marie Hlavatá, tel.: +420 485 352 418, email: marie.hlavata@tul.cz

Faculty of Science, Humanities and Education
Mgr. Daniela Bímová, Ph.D., tel.: +420 485 352 308, email: daniela.bimova@tul.cz

Faculty of Mechatronics, Informatics and Interdisciplinary Studies
Prof. Ing. Jaroslav Nosek, CSc. tel.: +420 485 353 249, email: jaroslav.nosek@tul.cz

Faculty of Arts and Architecture
Ing. arch. Petr Janoš, tel.: +420 485 353 193,e mail: petr.janos@tul.cz

Institute of Health Studies
Ing. Ivana Veverková, tel.: +420 485 353 775, email: ivana.veverkova@tul.cz

Should you need any other kind of assistance, visit the Erasmus+ office - Erasmus students - in the building G (5th floor) or the International Office - non-Erasmus students  in the IC building (floor 3). You can also contact the staff by email at: erasmus@tul.cz and  international@tul.cz or via facebook at: facebook.com/TechnicalUniversityLiberec