International Office

Internet Access at the University and Receiving Mail

University Internet System Liane - study the regulation first please

Both staff members and students, please note that you have to be enrolled and registered in the University LIANE system and Student Information System STAG before you can fully use Internet access at the Technical University of Liberec.

Before you get it, you can contact the International Office at international@tul.cz and ask for a temporary access (for couple of days before your full access is provided). It is done automatically for international students and staff we know about in advance. If you have not received the access, write to us, let us know who you are, which Faculty you are affiliated with and we will arrange it for you.

To be able to get access to Wi-Fi and EDUROAM in the dormitories, follow these steps:

Go to: liane.tul.cz
Switch to English in the top right hand side corner
Select Wi-Fi from the menu on the left side and click on it
Then select the how to connect to the eduroam Wi-Fi network
Then select eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool
Select from the choice of languages offered in the top line
Then follow the described steps to install it in your computer.

Office Hours of Liane in the block B of the dormitories (basement)
Mo - 5 - 7 p.m.
Tu - 8 - 10 a. m.
We - 8 - 10 a. m.
Th - 5 - 7 p. m.

Receiving Mail in the Dormitory

If you get mail, the received letter or parcel is kept at the reception of your block. In some cases the  package is kept at the central place in the building C and you will see only a piece of paper at the reception informing you about that. When the Czech Post delivery company does not leave the parcel at the dormitory, you will get a piece of paper with a lot of information in Czech and in that case the parcel will be kept for you at the post office at Olbrachtova 618/37. You can get there by buses Nr. 22 from Fügnerova or 29 from the dorms. It is the last stop of the bus lines. Once you get off the bus, you just go up the stairs inside the hall and there you will see the darkblue-yellow logo of the Czech post. Don't forget your ID.
Post office