PhD Economics and Management

FACULTY Faculty of Economics

Recognised tertiary education (Master degree) as prescribed by Act No. 49/2009, Coll. (not necessary for applicants from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Germany and Slovenia).
Proposal for the topic of future dissertation (5-10 pages) and a list of published papers is recommended to send before application to: admissions.ef@tul.cz.
Skype interview will be announced to students who have applied online and settled the application fee.
English skills - B2 level, no official certificate required. 

DURATION 4 years
FEE / ACADEMIC YEAR                                    USD 1200

CZK 2000/USD 100 (application)
CZK 3000 (diploma recognition)

SPECIALIZATION AVAILABLE Business Economics and Management

The highest level of university education provides deep and systematic knowledge of microeconomics, the methodology of scientific work, quantitative and statistical methods processing empirical data and, foremost, it equips the students with expertise knowledge in business administration and management, which focuses on behaviour and management of enterprises in a global environment in terms of innovation and new tools of corporate finance. The graduates gain a prerequisite for succeeding in economic and managerial positions at the highest level of corporate and other institutions management. Further, the graduates will be employable at universities, science and research institutions.
Specialization and offer of possible topics of individual supervisors you can find here.

Škoda Auto PhD Programme

PhD candidates at the TUL are eligible to apply for participation in the Škoda Auto PhD Programme or they can write their thesis on a topic offered by the company.
For selected doctoral students, Škoda Auto PhD Programme represents unique opportunity to work on their doctoral thesis in cooperation with ŠKODA AUTO professionals.
The admissions process has several stages. First, you will present and discuss the topic of your dissertation with your lecturer at your university and with a ŠKODA AUTO representative. A successful interview is followed by participation in the Assessment Centre, and if that is successful, a casual work contract awaits you.
If you are not selected in the Assessment Centre, you may also supplement your dissertation with ŠKODA AUTO in the form of an internship.

For additional information please see: http://www.ef.tul.cz/myuniversity

Programme Details