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Message from the Rector, Assoc. Professor Miroslav Brzezina


"In the last five years we have completed large European-funded projects for building research facilities and modernising our campus. The process has brought about a positive change in the overall atmosphere in the academic community and further improvement of the conditions for work and studies. Our research teams and students participate in more and more projects in cooperation with partners from the world of business and technology and with our international partners too. The Technical University of Liberec provides fair access to education to all would-be students. Due to mobility opportunities and the development of critical employability skills, most of our graduates find jobs easily. These trends contribute to team learning, shared vision and a radical rethinking of the core functions of the university.
I extend a big thank you to all members of our academic community who made the rapid growth and development happen."


Rector's CV
  1. Rector's CV ˆ 1.2.2018



Assoc. Prof. RNDr. Miroslav Brzezina, CSc.
Tel.: +420 485 353 597 , e-mail: rektor@tul.cz



Ing. Aleš Kocourek, Ph.D.
Tel.: +420 485 353 157e-mail:ales.kocourek@tul.cz


Prof. Ing. Pavel Mokrý, Ph.D.
Tel.: +420 485 353 052, e-mail: pavel.mokry@tul.cz


Assoc. Prof. RNDr. Pavel Satrapa, Ph.D.
Tel.: +420 485 353 656, e-mail: pavel.satrapa@tul.cz


Ing. arch. Radek Suchánek, Ph.D.
Tel.: +420 485 353 106
e-mail: radek.suchanek@tul.cz, prorektor.rozvoj@tul.cz


Ing. Vladimír Stach
Tel.: +420 485 353 598,
E-mail: kvestor@tul.cz


The chair of the Academic Senate is Assoc. Prof. Ing. Jan Šembera, Ph.D.
Tel.:+ 420 485 353 005, e-mail: jan.sembera@tul.cz
Their official webpage in the Czech language is available here.

Composition of the Board

Composition of the Board