Sustainable Technology

Developments and challenges in research cut across the traditional lines of engineering and materials science. Our researchers are involved in a truly multidisciplinary approach to various  thrust areas, often in cooperation with both domestic and international companies. The most significant findings of researchers at the Technical University of Liberec are in the fields of computational mechanics, acoustics, computer aided design, precision engineering, manufacturing systems and processes, alternative engines, power generation, thermodynamics, tissue engineering and others. For their research projects and investigations they utilise the following specialised laboratories:
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ROTIS - a Special Device for Production of Special 3D Textiles
Ladislav Ševčík + team
Several layers of non-woven source material are put in the machine, which fixes them without using energy or glue and produces fabric at the speed of 150 metres/min. The material is ideal for acoustic and thermal insulation, filters, sorbents of light oil phases from underground wells, carpet pads, etc. Read more. Poster.

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Hydrogen Engine with Internal Combustion
Celestýn Scholz and Pavel Brabec
The research started in 1997 with first tests on one-cylinder engines with low-pressure injection. Later on, the six-cylinder engines for trucks were tested. In the most recent stages of the investigation, the team designed a unique fuel system for direct injection of hydrogen in an internal combustion engine in passenger cars. This solution friendly- to-our planet reduces carbon emissions to zero. Read more.

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Parameter Measurement of Fine Nanostructures
Petr Pfeifer
The new method for measurement of changes in nanostructures with only tens or hundreds of atoms used for construction of transistors or microelectronic circuits will be applied in safety, transportation, medical and rescue technology and many others. Read more.