True Learning

Scientists have shown that passionate interests can allow students to overcome academic difficulties or perceptual disabilities. The researchers educating young generations suggest that to be interesting, material must be novel, complex, and comprehensible. That means introducing students to things they have not encountered before (or novel aspects of familiar things), and calibrating their complexity so that these things are neither too hard nor too easy to understand. More learning leads to more questions, which in turn leads to more learning. The pedagogical goal in each case of scientific investigation is to produce young adults with interests that provide them with lasting intellectual stimulation and fulfillment, interests that they pursue over a lifetime with vigor and zest. To suceed in the role of facilitators of learning, the researchers must provide the right role models themselves. The Technical University of Liberec is proud of having such academics.

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CubeSat - A Ticket to Orbit    Petr Hána+Michal Petrů under the guidance of the prominent investigator - the Aeronautical Research and Test Institute in Prague (VZLÚ)
Within the nanosatellite programme of the ESA one component of the satellite was designed at the TUL. It tests mechanical properties of the carbon fibre composite material coated with metal. Fifty satellites will be launched to space in 2016. The scientists will use the received data to continue with development of material for  human protection exposed to extreme conditions. Read more. Press release.