Student life at Neisse University

I spent almost 1 year in Liberec. For someone it can be normal city like a lot of cities and actually it is. Beautyfull square, a lot of shops, trains and Jested. There is one thing which change everything, small detail but really important – Harcov!!! This place is really hard to describe...you must visit and feel it.

There I met people from whole European Union and I recomend all of you this place for study. Now I’m missing Harcov and Harcov’s style of life. You don’t know yet...but You wanna feel it!

Tomasz Skoczek, Polish student of Neisse University

Let’s start from the beginning. Coming from Latin America, we think of Europe as a really liberal continent, a place where you can really do whatever you want to and enjoy without being judged… and well Neisse certainly did not disappoint.

Liberec is the first stop of Neisse University and the student life there is pretty awesome. In Harcov you have like 3 clubs and a bunch of pubs all in the campus which basically means that you won’t ever get bored, besides, you also have the Erasmus and the ESN people who keep making cultural nights, tons of activities and theme parties. You can definitely feel the international vibe while you are living there, I’ve meet some very good people from all around world and some of the best friends I’ve ever had.

The next stop is Poland. In the contrary, Jelenia Góra is a really calm place, the student life is basically non-existing apart from the Neisse students. This year is to take a break from party and let you liver rest while you explore the amazing nature that surrounds the city. If you are a fan of hiking and exploring, this is your place and if you are not, well Liberec is just 70km away and easy to reach by train, like me you can always go back there on your spare time.

The last stop is Görlitz, and I will tell you about it when I get there.

Ana Sofia Muntaner, Neisse University student from Venezuela

Harcov is a vibrant environment! You can engage in a lot of interesting activities, sports and meetings simply because of the fact that so many students live on the Harcov campus. Being part of a community of students certainly helps foreigners and erasmus students to adapt and helps the cultural dialogue a lot. Getting adjusted and making new friends is just so much easier if most of the people are close by and you can meet them in one of the pubs whenever you feel like it.

Compared to Harcov, Jelenia Gora has the advantage of being in a region which is literally filled with attractions. The more secluded character of this place is perfect for studying and the distance to Liberec is not too far, so that you can visit your friends from the first year easily.
Both, Jelenia Gora and Liberec (Harcov), are surrounded by beautiful nature, perfect for hiking, biking and just taking a stroll.

If you have made it to the third year and to Görlitz, you can -again- count on a vivid student community which is comparatively smaller than the one in Harcov, but nonetheless as creative and friendly. The lot of humanistic students in Görlitz always come up with great activities and parties to pass the time!

Kai Bösch, German student of Neisse University

1st year (Harcov): There are really plenty of pubs and clubs right by the dorms. All the people in my group would probably agree that the first year was probably the "funnest" since there are at least 3 clubs right at the dorms. As far as sports, there is a gym right by the dorms, where people can sign up for various things. I think the most regular are volleyball and basketball. You can also do rock-wall-climbing if you're into that sort of thing. On the weekends the mountains are open for hiking and Nordic skiing or just regular skiing :)

2nd year (Jelenia Gora): In great contrast to the 1st year, there are little clubs in the Cieplice. There are a few restaurants in the vicinity, which is what the students usually use a social ground. They also have an ice ring by the local highschool where you can ice skate each winter. I think you can rent a pair of skates for 10 zloty. Other than that, you're in the heart of the Karkonosze! A trip to the mountains every weekend. Woohooo! I think the recently the thermal baths in Cieplice. That might definitely be worth a visit. Our year played a lot of volleyball each Wednesday after school.

3rd year (Görlitz): There is the Maus club right at the dorms. Plenty of restaurants in the vicinity... even a tee house where we often hung out. As with all of the other years, there are sports which the students can participate in such as Volleyball or rock-wall-climbing. I think what brought the students probably the closest in this year was the planning and organizing of the Neisse Meeting. The interaction needed and the cooperation is what really made some bonds between us.

Michal Piskozub, German alumni of Neisse University

I used to study Technical University in Liberec. My classmates used to live in Harcov student dorms. Time to time, they invited me there for a party. It was always f****** good. It had everything a good party should have: lots of alcohol, singing out loud, doing stupid things when moving from a pub to a club, funny philosophical talks, fooling around girls, naked swimming in the near dam... I used to live at my parent's house so I always had to leave at best and go home. I envied my classmates badly because I knew they were experiencing these things several times a week. At the end of the year, I changed my university for a "better one". Of course I didn't care the study field at all, I just wanted to go as far as needed to get a place in student dorms. I was hoping that it would be like in Harcov. It was not. Nothing is like Harcov.

If you are looking for an adventure and real student-life, I believe there is no better place in Czech Rep. to go. It is not just the party. The whole place is awesome. The location is beautiful. There is a dam and a forest nearby while the dorms are still within a walking distance from the city center. I really like the possibility to go on the roof of buildings to chill out, get some tea or beer and watch sunset by Ještěd mountain. I also liked the sport facilities. We played mostly soccer and table tennis, others played beach volleyball, tennis or went climbing. There is something for everyone. It has a very special atmosphere which cannot be easily described. I have really great memories from here.

Vojtěch Vild, exstudent of Technical University in Liberec