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An innovative approach to teaching methods. More than 200 courses - new and traditional ones. It's not just technology. Practical experience at highest level. Students discover the magic of science. Examine TUL at all its sides. It's worth it!
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The Rector’s word

The Technical University of Liberec (TUL) is a dynamic university of medium size that joins forms of technical and university education. Within six faculties and a university institute, it offers a large spectrum of acquirements in technical, scientific, humanity as well as artistic and interdisciplinary study branches. We have well equipped laboratories and top quality teams of research workers for humanities.

The significance of TUL outreaches the region of Liberec and the Czech Republic as well. This is one of the reasons why, we receive applications from all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia. People do not only aspire the high-quality education but also to be able to study in a pleasant environment. Our university offers both.    
The Technical University of Liberec reaches excellent results in the fields of science and research. As one of many examples, let us mention the world-wide unique discovery, the industrial manufacturing technology of nano-textiles.  These results, well-known to the public, only increase the renowned reputation of our institution.

The Technical University of Liberec can also be proud of it’s good social, cultural and sports background. Only a few universities can offer such broad sporting possibilities. The University Sports Complex is available, in addition to the excellent facilities in Liberec, and its surroundings, for summer and winter sports. As one of few universities TUL can satisfy all demands of accommodation in modern halls of residence.

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