We put a lot of effort to develop relationships with our partners and encourage mutually beneficial cooperation. We offer a wide range of services – from custom research to individual courses and training, to accommodation or property rental. We are members of many organisations, both national and international.

In short: we are open to any cooperation contributing to our main goal – development of the education, research, and society in general.


Internationalisation is one of the core features of the University Strategic Plan. The overarching priority is to enhance the University’s global presence. The TUL is distinctly a Czech University based in the north of the Czech Republic. Still, its reach and aspirations are international, and it must measure its operation in this context.

The document Strategy for Internationalisation of the Technical University in Liberec approved by the Academic Senate of the University in December 2014 sets out three clear priorities, outlines main practical initiatives and lists indicators to measure the degree of the fulfilment of the planned objectives. Overall, it ensures inter-cultural and global issues are reflected in various aspects of university life.