Membership in international and national organisations

We are members of:

European Federation of National Engineering Organisations (FEANI)

We are listed by FEANI as a European higher education institution that provides technical education that meets the demanding requirements for the award of the EUR ING degree.

International Society for Engineering Pedagogy (IGIP)

We are one of 56 accredited international institutions associated with iGIP, which recognises European qualifications for teachers of engineering subjects and awards the ING.PAED.IGIP title.

European University Association (EUA)

The Technical University of Liberec is a member of the important international organization European University Association, which brings together 850 universities from 49 European countries. Through EUA, our university has the opportunity to participate in all significant activities within the Bologna Process concerning and affecting higher education in Europe.

In 2023, together with other selected European universities, we are a member of the Thematic Peer Group in the field of Transnational Joint Education Provision, which aims to share practice and propose procedures in the field of joint education in the form of e.g. joint degree, double degree or a cooperation on various joint educational projects.