Equal opportunities and diversity

Equality and equal opportunities are the fundamental value that we share together at the Technical University of Liberec. It is purposefully supported by the University management and affects all operations and activities that the Technical University of Liberec performs.

The central ideas on which we base ourselves at the Technical University are already a fundamental value within the European community and are enshrined in national legislation and at the international level. In the following period, in general, higher management of the Technical University will focus primarily on removing barriers that could create obstacles to equal opportunities for male and female applicants, students, researchers and other university staff, improving employee care and raising awareness of gender issues at the university.

Gender equality encounters stereotypes and prejudices, which often operate on an unconscious basis and are often perceived as generally accepted values or norms. Activities associated with the understanding of barriers, contained in the systems we set and seemingly neutral measures, are a necessary prerequisite for their successful removal. Sensitivity and awareness-raising in the field of gender equality are present in all phases of the Gender Equality Plan of the Technical University of Liberec.

At the same time, university management will systematically and purposefully highlight the topic of equality and equal opportunities for work. Employees of all sexes should perceive this topic positively for better cooperation and performance of all stakeholders. It is crucial to make our employees feel important and appreciated to improve their performance.