The Technical University was founded 68 years ago and is a prestigious educational institution with an international reputation, which cooperates with approximately 200 similar institutions around the world. We employ over 1200 employees and are one of the largest employers in the Liberec Region. We provide a strong, stable work background and a modern working environment with opportunities for personal and career growth. Our goal is to have highly qualified and motivated employees, to whom we offer a number of above-standard employee benefits.


  • Extra 2 Weeks of Vacation Leave
  • Sports and Health
  • Further Education and Courses
  • Meals
  • Child Care
  • Accommodation
  • Pension and Live Insurance
  • Legal Counselling
  • Ombudsman – Defender of the rights of employees and students
  • Employee Identification Card, ITIC
  • MultiSport
  • Discounted Telephone Tariffs
  • General Physician on the Premises of TUL
  • Google Account for TUL Employees
  • IT Support
  • University Library and Access to Information Resources
  • Microfiltered, Sparkling and Still Water in Your Own Bottle
  • TUL Gift Items
  • Other
  • Offers for TUL Employees

Extra 2 Weeks of Vacation Leave

Employees are entitled to 6 weeks of vacation leave, academic staff to 8 week of vacation leave.

Sports and Health

Free swimming for employees in one lane of the large swimming pool in the Liberec Swimming Pool.

In case of free capacity, the employer allows employees and former employees (not including family members or escorts) who worked at TUL in an employment relationship until retirement or disability pension for disability of the third degree for at least 5 years to use the school facilities and services of the Academic Sports Centre free of charge for reconditioning and rehabilitation. These activities are:

  1. exercise in regular activities with an instructor
  2. use of the gym (during operating hours according to the gym schedule)
  3. use of the sauna (during operating hours according to the sauna schedule)
  4. use of gymnasiums (sports halls and aerobic halls during operating hours)
  5. use of the tennis inflatable hall with artificial surface (during operating hours according to the inflatable hall schedule, max. 2 hours per day)
  6. use of the clay tennis courts (during operating hours of the clay courts)
  7. use of the football field with artificial grass (during operating hours).

Further details can be found on the Academic Sports Centre website.

Further Education and Courses

Courses provided by the Technical University of Liberec are published on the website: https://skoleni.tul.cz/. This is mainly the offer IT skills training, soft skills, specialized job-related training, etc. Other courses for the purpose of employee development can be taken by employees according to the current offer within the  ROLIZ project.

University of the Third Age – TUL employees and former employees whose employment relationship at the University lasted longer than 3 calendar years are entitled to a 50% discount on tuition fees (contact: Mgr. Jitka Pacltová).

 Leisure Time University – optional short-term courses, one-off lectures, seminars aimed especially at parents are preferably offered to TUL employees. Examples include a first aid course for parents, children photography, crisis management in education, health PE, etc.

 Internal Language School  – for TUL employees and students only (contact: Ing. Marie Židů).

Course of university pedagogy  – intended for pedagogical staff and doctoral students of TUL (contact: Ing. Marie Židů).

Courses within the “Children’s University“  – special interest courses for the public, especially for children of TUL employees.


Subsidized meals in the dining halls of TUL are provided to:

  • employees in the employment relationship
  • employees with  Agreement to perform work and Agreement to complete a job
  • former employees who worked at TUL in an employment relationship until retirement or disability pension for disability of the third degree for at least 5 years. Former employees must present a confirmation of employment from the Personnel Department of TUL at dining halls

The meal-ordering system is at: https://menza.tul.cz/.

Detailed rules for the provision of the meals are set out in the TUL Collective Agreement and the Agreement on the Provision of Care to TUL Employees. Any questions can be answered by the staff of the Personnel Department of TUL.

Child Care

The Kindergarten – all-day care for children of TUL employees (parents and grandparents) or students. The responsible person is Mgr. Ivana Honsnejmanová. The rules for enrolling children in the kindergarten are set out in the Directive called “Směrnice pro stanovení kritérií pro přijímání dětí k předškolnímu vzdělávání”.

Children’s Day Care – short-term babysitting for the children of employees and students, especially toddlers. Rules for accepting children and other information are available at koutek.fp.tul.cz.

Within the “Open University”, the so-called Children’s University or a camp for talented children “Children’s Summer University”, or other professional courses for children are organized, more information at: www.otevrenauniverzita.cz


Accommodation can be provided as a rule for a fixed period of 1 year, with the option of renewal, at most for the duration of the employment relationship. Accommodation is allocated according to the waiting list and capacity. For signing in into the waiting list and for further information please contact the Personnel Department, contact: Petra Bergmanová or Ing. Alena Šírková.

The Hostel in Dolní Hanychov – Rooms are laid out as units, i.e. 2 furnished rooms share bathroom facilities, a kitchenette is available on the same floor. The exchange of bed linen is included in the price. The hostel has a laundry and a drying room facility

Photo – Dolní Hanychov Employee Hostel

Accommodation facility in building P, Komenského Street – 3 accommodation units are preferably provided to employees of the Faculty of Sciences, Humanities and Education. Each accommodation unit is equipped with furniture, a washing machine and has its own bathroom and a kitchenette.

Accommodation facility in Brožíkova Street No. 376 – 5 accommodation units are preferably provided to international scientists and academic staff or international experts, in the form of a short-term stay at TUL, approximately 5 months.  The Rector decides on accommodation on the basis of an application from the head of the department to which the foreign expert will be assigned. The size of the rooms and their price is specified in the price list. Each accommodation unit is equipped with furniture, a washing machine and has its own bathroom and a kitchenette.

The House of Scientists in Hálkova Street – an unfurnished room of the area of 14 m2, shared sanitary facility with other 6 rooms, shared kitchenette with other 6 rooms.

Caretakers’ and other flats for employees in Liberec.

Accommodation at TUL Halls of Residence – contact to the accommodation service: Ing. Veronika Dvořáková.

Detailed information about staff accommodation and price lists are available on the intranet in the.accommodation section.

Pension and Live Insurance

The employer’s contribution to pension or life insurance may be received by an employee who has been granted a wage bonus under Article 10 Paragraph 1 (a – d) of the TUL Internal Wage Regulations (i.e. basic, personal, project) and this wage bonus is of a long-term nature.

Legal Counselling

We provide free legal consultations to employees in employment relationship within the legal counselling centre.

Ombudsman – Defender of the rights of employees and students

Employees and students can contact the ombudsman Ing. Petr Pavlík, Ph.D. in case of doubts about the observance of rights and procedures at the University in the following areas:

  • equal approach
  • discrimination
  • sexual harassment
  • bullying
  • burnout

Employee Identification Card, ITIC

  • the employee card is in line with the concept of the City Chip Card of Liberec, it can also be used, for example, within the services of the Transport Company of Liberec and Jablonec
  • The ITIC identification card serves as an internationally valid card that can be used by academic staff to obtain many discounts, e.g. on travel, culture and meals (see https://www.isic.cz for details)


Thanks to the Multisport card, you can take advantage of a wide range of sports facilities or online exercises.

  • Multisport offers more than 260 activities.
  • Explore wide range of opportunities for exercises and relaxation throughout the year at more than 2 500 places in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. For the complete list of activities you can visit www.multisport.cz
  • Every day unlimited offers in the MultiClub – get additional discount on relaxation treatments, courses, cosmetics services, in medical facilities and even more in many sport shops or health food stores.
  • If you use your card to register on the My MultiSport, you have the opportunity to exercise online folowing videos with professional trainers, unlimited, wherever you are.

More information about the range of activities can be found on the intranet TUL.

Discounted Telephone Tariffs for Employees

TUL employees can get discounted telephone and data tariffs from T-Mobile for themselves and their family members.

General Physician on the Premises of TUL

The employee may register with the physicians of the TUL medical service. The physicians also speak English.

Google Account for TUL Employees

Each employee has an automatically created employee account on Google (https://www.google.cz/), through which they can schedule offline meetings, online meetings, share documents, etc.

IT Support

IT support at TUL is managed centrally by the Department of Information Systems (https://liane.tul.cz/cz).

Employees have access to certain programs for which TUL has multi-licenses or discounted purchase terms. You can find an overview of these on webpage Software.

For other network services and tutorials, see https://liane.tul.cz/cz/uzivatel.

University Library and Access to Information Resources

The University Library provides a range of professional services. Among the most widespread services is the lending of documents. You don’t necessarily have to borrow books at UL, but you can also borrow e-books, audiobooks, magazines, board games and many more. It also supports scientific work, research and publishing

Microfiltered, Sparkling and Still Water in Your Own Bottle

TUL strives to help protect the environment by reducing plastics in circulation and protecting the health of its employees by limiting the consumption of unhealthy beverages and ensuring a drinking regime by offering clean water. Therefore, it has agreed to expand the installation of filtration equipment that supplies quality microfiltered sparkling and still drinking water free of unnecessary plastics and toxic substances..

TUL Gift Items

TUL promotional gifts can be purchased on the ground floor of Building F – Script and Copy Shop – Student Services (contact: Bc. Kateřina Grulišová, tel: 3190). See the catalogue of the items.


  • Workplace equipped with modern technology, modern working environment and equipment.
  • Good transport accessibility (public transport and tram stop), parking and covered parking for bicycles.
  • Maintenance of a bank account at ČSOB for TUL employees free of charge, or provision of a discounted loan or credit for TUL employees (it is necessary to present the employer’s employment confirmation).
  • Counselling in Academic Counselling and Support Centre  for Employees and Students, e.g. psychological, social, study, spiritual counselling.

Offers for TUL Employees

The offer of external partners CK ALEXANDRIA, DATART and CANIS SAFETY a. s., who offer discounts or other discounted services for employees can be found on the intranet in the section Offers for TUL employees.