Technical University of Liberec

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Top-level results in research and science, excellence in teaching and interdisciplinary collaboration have stood for the Technical University of Liberec since 1953. Around 7000 students study at seven faculties and one specialized institute.

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In the field of technology transfer, the Technical University of Liberec has a tradition of research in close cooperation especially with the textile and automotive industries. This has guaranteed excellent placements to graduates. Furthermore, the University is involved in more than 100 research projects worth almost USD 3 million and in contract research.

Naši studenti

“Lecturers establish real interaction in small-sized classes, dorms are cheap and comfortable and everything is close by. There are a lot of discounts for students and, generally, the costs are relatively low.”
Juan Pablo Peréz Aguilera, Colombia, Master student at the Faculty of Textile Engineering


While connected globally, the University understands its responsibility as an institution uniquely located in Central Europe and engages in cross-border projects.