Institute of Information Technology and Electronics

head: doc. Ing. Josef Chaloupka, Ph.D.

The Institute of Information Technology and Electronics (ITE) focuses primarily on information technology software supporting communication between man and machines, and hardware resources for computer and electronic systems. In the field of voice technology, it focuses on developing dictation, rewriting and dialogue programs and also on the creation of special tools to help the handicapped. Important themes include the design, diagnostics and testing of digital circuits and equipment, design of programmable circuits (especially Xilinx FPGA circuits) and finally planar circuit boards, for their production we have a specialized laboratory with a mini-line; we have an interesting robot workplace with a humanoid NAO robot. Another area of the activity of ITE is the recognition of visual data, image processing and application of pattern recognition methods for the analysis of biological, especially medical data.

Institute of Mechatronics and Computer Engineering

head: doc. Ing. Milan Kolář, CSc.

Activities of the Institute of Mechatronics and Computer Engineering (MTI) cover a wide range of topics especially in the areas of applied informatics, database systems, computer modelling, electronics and electrical engineering, automatic process control, robotic systems and also the area of the evaluation of the reliability and risk. Academic staff and PhD students of the Institute deal with basic and applied research, particularly in the frame of these projects: GACR, TACR, MPO, SGS etc. An important role in the activities of the Institute plays applied research undertaken in the form of supplementary activities for partners from industry.

Institute of New Technologies and Applied Informatics

head: Ing. Josef Novák, Ph.D.

Research activities of the Institute of New Technologies and Applied Informatics (NTI) is mainly focused on mathematical modelling, physical measurements, applied science and the application of new technologies. The institute team prepares and performs research projects characterized by industrially applicable outputs.