Center for Practical Training

Director: Mgr. Helena Picková, Ph.D.

We are responsible for the conceptualization, organization and administration of the educational practice for most of the faculty’s study programs whose curricula include the study module in education and psychology.

We rely on an excellent cooperation with a relatively extensive network of official training schools and cooperating schools, working closely with in-school teacher trainers. In the years 2017–2020, we organized mentoring workshops for teachers at our training schools, and we set up a conception of teaching practice based on the trainees’ reflection and self-reflection. In addition, not only methodologists of the students’ chosen study fields are involved in supervising the trainees’ teaching practice, but also methodologists from the Department of Education and Psychology, the Department of Primary Education and the Department of Special Education. Thus, trainees, during their practice at schools, where they meet a wide range of pupils with individual educational needs, can discuss not only questions related to their specific subjects, but also questions of an educational, psychological and special educational character.

We also co-organize seminars for teacher trainers on topics frequently requested at primary schools (e.g. cooperative forms of work, working with problematic pupils, prof. Hejný’s mathematics, formative assessment). Besides, schoolteachers teach in tandem with academics, and join seminars organized at the faculty. Organizing these meetings and finding erudite specialists and experienced teachers for specific topics is not an easy task, nevertheless we see exactly this as one of our main duties in the coming years. Continuing in open communication and close cooperation with educational institutions not only in the field of practical training is a key component of our work.