Department of Chemistry

Head: prof. Ing. Josef Šedlbauer, Ph.D.

We provide a bachelor’s program in Chemistry with a focus on education, a follow-up master’s program in Teaching Chemistry for the 2nd grade of elementary school, and two professional study programs at the bachelor’s and follow-up levels: Nanotechnology and Bioengineering. (For clarification, the Nanotechnology program is applied through the Faculty of Mechatronics and Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies). In addition, we provide teaching on the environment and global issues for the entire university.

What will you experience with us?

We enjoy teaching and science. We like to solve practical problems and teach you to do the same. We don’t have many students, so we know them well and appreciate them. In teaching, we use modern didactic methods, experiments, excursions, and workshops; we will introduce you to working soft-skills techniques. You can get involved in research from the first year with scholarship support. Studying is not easy, but we will do our best to help you complete it. Thanks to the unique connection of chemistry, nanotechnology and bioengineering, we are the authors of many patents and thus create a better world.

Areas of creative activity

Development of advanced nanofibrous materials for tissue engineering and biomedical applications.