Department of English

Head: Mgr. Zénó Vernyik, Ph.D.

The department’s main responsibility is training future teachers for lower- and higher-secondary schools in a training model composed of a three-year, double-major bachelor’s program followed by a two-year, double-major master’s program. Both the undergraduate component (Bc. in English for Education) and the two graduate components offered (Mgr. in Upper-Secondary and Lower-Secondary Education with a Specialization in the English Language and Mgr. in Lower-Secondary Education with a Specialization in the English Language) can be studied both in a full-time and in a part-time teaching model.

In addition, the department is responsible for teaching English in the 5-year Mgr. in Primary Education program, and also offers a five-semester, single-major requalification program for both primary and secondary school teachers who already hold a master’s degree in teaching another school subject.

What can you experience at the department?

Amongst others, students can meet Czech and foreign linguists, experts and practicing teachers in workshops and lectures. There is also a strong emphasis on an active cooperation with schools and other institutions where English is taught.

Areas of Research

Literary and cultural studies, English philology, the methodology of teaching English as a foreign language

Where to Find Us

P Building, 4th floor
Departmental Secretary: Lada Vondrušková
Telefon: +420 48 535 4270