Department of Geography

Head: doc. Dr. RNDr. Kamil Zágoršek

At our department, you can study full-time in the non-teaching-oriented three-year bachelor’s program Applied Geography, and in both full-time and part-time in the bachelor’s program Geography for Education. After that, you can get a master’s degree in the two-year program Teaching Geography at Lower-Secondary Schools.

What can you experience at the department?

The department organizes a whole range of events beyond its regular teaching activities, all of which are freely available to students, allowing them to be qualified in a wider range of fields. These include conferences and lectures of interesting people where you can encounter top-notch researchers and ascertain what issues currently occupy geographers. The department’s activities also comprise workshops and field trips, which offer students the opportunity to acquire a variety of practical skills, learn to work with professional software packages or relevant technologies. Last, but not least, the department has its own summer schools, which are usually one-week-long intensive courses focusing on a specific issue. In addition to all of these, students can also participate in events aimed at popularizing geography organized for schools and the general public alike.

Areas of Research

Cross-border cooperation, biogeology, hydrology

Where to Find Us

P Building, 2nd floor
Departmental Secretary: Lenka Němcová
Telephone: +420 48 535 4113
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram