Department of German

Head: Mgr. Dr. phil. habil Pavel Novotný, Ph.D.

The department offers both full-time and part-time studies in the bachelor’s program German for Education. After graduation, students can continue their studies in master’s programs at other European universities or stay in Liberec and gain a master’s degree in Teaching English at Upper-Secondary and Lower-Secondary School. This master’s program is also possible to study both full-time and part-time. We are well-aware that the language skills of our candidates is not always ideal at the time of application, and thus we count on a period of accommodating to the requirements of the program. In the first year of the bachelor’s program, for example, we offer extra language courses.

What can you experience at the department?

Besides regular courses, we organize study trips, festivals, conferences and public readings. Contacts with native speakers are nurtured, and we also help arrange stays abroad. The department employs experts on the cutting-edge of linguistics, literature and teaching methodology. We have a friendly and personalized approach to our students.

Areas of Research and Creativity

Linguistics, methodology of teaching German, poetry

Where to Find Us

P Building, 4th floor
Departmental Secretary: Daniela Hasíková
Telephone: +420 48 535 4243
Social Media: Facebook