Department of Philosophy

Head of Department: doc. PhDr. David Václavík, Ph.D.

At present, our main focus is reforming the paradigm of teaching the basics of the humanities and social sciences, to make sure that this school subject better reflects the needs of a global society in transformation, along with all of its challenges: from climate change to technological innovation. This is also one of the reasons why many faculty members also participate in our study programs, including the faculty’s most recent offer: bioengineering.

Throughout its thirty years of existence, the Department of Philosophy has organized or co-organized a range of academic conferences and professional colloquia, with Scholé Filosofia being the most notable example of the latter category, along with later workshops and major conferences devoted to the issue of the humanities and their place in today’s world. Lately, the department participates in the preparation of events accompanying the One World festival of human rights documentaries and is also co-organizer of a biannual conference on psychosomatic medicine and its wider context. Besides these, the department also offers a whole range of interesting activities for students, of which its Debate Club and Film Club are especially noteworthy.

Areas of Research

Religious studies, ethnology, methodology of teaching civic studies

Where to Find Us

P Building, 3rd floor
Departmental Secretary: Hana Švecová
Telephone: +420 48 535 4201
Social Media: Facebook