Department of Physical Education and Sport

Head: doc. PaedDr. Aleš Suchomel, Ph.D.

At present, we provide the theoretical and practical training of students in the following accredited study programs: bachelor’s program in Physical Education for Education, bachelor’s program in Physical Education and Sport, master’s program in and master’s program in Lower-Secondary Education (specialization Physical Education). We also have recently opened a further bachelor’s program in Sport for a Healthy Lifestyle. The Department of Physical Education and Sport is also responsible for teaching courses in other programs offered at the Faculty of Science, Humanities and Education, e.g. the master’s program Primary Education, the bachelor’s program Leisure-time Education, the master’s program Afterschool Education of Children and Young Adults, as well as for the teaching of compulsory-elective courses of physical education for the students of six further faculties of the university..

What can you experience at the department?

Compulsory and elective sports courses are an integral part of your studies, organized both in the Czech Republic and abroad. We offer courses in, amongst others: winter sports, skating, alpine skiing, water sports, bike trekking, high mountain trekking, instructor’s courses in skiing and snowboarding, and many others. We also provide students the services of the University Sports Center: regular training with an instructor, gym, sauna, swimming pool, the Harcov league of games, night competitions.

And what new things can you try out during your studies at the department? Amongst others wakeboarding and water skiing, splitboarding, downstream canoeing, ski touring, windsurfing, bungee workout, paddleboarding, mountain climbing and wall climbing, bränboll, yoga, night competitions in dodgeball, and many-many others…

Areas of Research

Kinesiology, diagnostics of motoric competences

Where to Find Us

Harcov, Na Bohdalci 715 | 460 15 Liberec 15
Departmental Secretary: Soňa Hořínková
Telephone: +420 48 535 5121
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr