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Membership in International Organisations
International Accreditations

Ranking of the Technical University of Liberec

The TUL succeeds worldwise.

The next ranking by subjects was published in November 2019.
We are pleased to announce, that our University reach rank 501+ in Business & Economics ranking.
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THE ranking by subjects was publicated in October 2019. We are pleased to announce that our university has been ranked 801+ in Engineering&Technology. You can find the complete ranking here.

In the ranking for 2020, according to THE, we are in the position 1001+ of all evaluated universities. As a university, we are very proud of this result and we are happy to maintain a high standard in the quality of teaching.

THE has published the results for the Europe Teaching Ranking 2019  and Golden Age universities 2019 in July and June 2019.

QS rasnking 2020

The most recent QS world university ranking published is from June 2019.

THE Ranking

Teaching, publication and research activities of the TUL were evaluated and the university has been ranked among the 1,001+ best world universities listed in The Times Higher Education Supplement Ranking (THE Ranking).

In November 2018 our university was ranked as 801+ for Engineering and Technology in The Times Higher Education Ranking (THE Ranking).

In October 2018 the Faculty of Economics of our university was ranked as 501+ in the THE Business and Economics Ranking.

In the results announced in January 2019 for the Emerging Economies, the TUL was ranked in the category 351+.

THE Emergin Economies Ranking 2019
QS EECA Ranking 2019

QS Ranking 2019 for Emerging Europe and Central Asia
This year more than 450 institutions in the region have been evaluated and the TUL has been ranked as 118 among the top 300.
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The most important memberships of the TUL in international organisations

The Technical University of Liberec is engaged in international organisations and professional networks promoting internationalisation, academic collaboration, excellence in learning and research, and service to society.

These cooperations and involvement with the implications of the Bologna agreement help the University to raise its international profile by becoming involved in the increasingly globalized tertiary education sector.

Czech Conference of Rectors
As a member of the Czech Conference of Rectors, TUL is represented in several European and world organisations. The original Club of Rectors was established in 1990. The Czech and Slovak sections evolved later, with the first chairman of the Czech section being the former rector of the University in Liberec, Prof. Zdeněk Kovář.

International Accreditations

All programmes offered by TUL are accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Some programmes have received additional accreditation from international organizations.

European Federation of National Engineering Associations – FEANI
The Technical University of Liberec is included in an INDEX maintained by FEANI listing the institutions of higher education in European countries, the engineering programmes of which are recognized by FEANI as fulfilling the mandatory education requirements for awarding the EUR ING title.

International Society of Engineering Pedagogy (IGIP)
The Technical University is one of the 56 accredited University members of IGIP, which states that the holder of the title ING.PAED.IGIP is a qualified educator and has all the competencies needed to teach at the state of the art with the best available teaching methodology.

The Textile Institute in Manchester, UK
Another international institution which has recognised the TUL qualifications as fulfilling the academic requirements for Associateship (CText ATI) is The Textile Institute in Manchester, UK. Other universities with this type of accreditation listed on the webpage of this Worldwide Organisation for Textiles including Clothing and Textiles encompass universities in Australia, Bangladesh, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, the UK and the USA.

Internationalisation – CxI