Admissions to Programmes Taught in the Czech language

International students can apply to study in almost 120 programmes and specializations which are carried out in the Czech language.

For those who are fluent speakers of Czech, detailed information on the study programmes of the TUL taught in the Czech language is available. The fees in these programmes are sponsored by the Czech government, which means that students don’t pay any tuition fees.

Language skills

It is necessary though to keep in mind that Czech is not an easy language to master for native speakers of other than Slavonic languages. To be able to study in Czech, international applicants are recommended to have completed at least the B2 level of Czech to succeed in studying in Czech.

Intensive language and vocational training course

The course is intended for those interested in studying at the Technical University of Liberec (TUL) whose mother tongue is one of the Slavic languages and who have completed secondary education with a secondary school leaving certificate.

Czech for foreigners RU

Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies

If you need to study the Czech language first, look for the detailed information of our partner in Prague.

Study Czech with us – Učte se s námi česky

And speakers of Russian can learn about Anzhelika Rysaeva’s experience. She is now enrolled as a student of Information Technology at the Faculty of Mechatronics, Informatics and Interdisciplinary Studies at the Technical University of Liberec.