PhD Nano and Microtechnology

Programme Details

FacultyFaculty of Science, Humanities and Education
Study ProgrammePhD Nano and Microtechnology
Language of InstructionEnglish
EligibilityRecognized tertiary education (Master’s degree) as prescribed by Act. No. 49/2009, Coll. (not necessary for applicants from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Germany, and Slovenia.
Entrance examination.
Duration4 years
Fee/Academic YearUSD 2000
Application FeeCZK 2000/ USD 100 (application)
CZK 3000 (recognition of international education)
Application Deadlines• June 15, 2024

Nano and microtechnologies are rapidly growing interdisciplinary fields that deal with a variety of synthetic and naturally occurring materials at the nano and micro dimensions. The large surface area to volume ratio of these materials enables revolutionary advances in almost all areas of research. The PhD programme prepares creative scientists in research, development and innovation who will be sought-after experts for applications of nano and micro materials, for example for targeted drug delivery, biomedical and biotechnological applications, sensors, batteries, chemical catalysis or for decontamination of pollutants in the environment. The focus of the PhD study is on nano and micro particles, nano and microfibrous structures, thin films and macroscopic 3D materials with fine nano or microstructure, with a focus on their preparation, modification, characterisation and application. The PhD study program involves the most prominent personalities at the Technical University of Liberec in the field of chemistry and nano and micromaterials, as well as a number of experts from the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic as consultants or course guarantors.

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