Bachelor Design

Programme Details

FACULTYFaculty of Textile Engineering
ELIGIBILITY Recognised secondary education as prescribed by Act No. 49/2009, Coll. (not necessary for applicants from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Germany and Slovenia). Fluent English skills. Certificate required.
Scanned portfolio of selected visual examples of your artwork. It must include:
– charcoal still life showing different matter, eg. vase, chair, textile (70×140 cm)
– paper plastic, topic: RHYTHM
– abstract painting on paper, any type of colour, topic: RHYTHM
– 10 pieces of any painting or drawing according to your selection
The zipped folder must contain either jpg or pdf format files in high resolution, ideally 720 dpi. The details when enlarged must be visible. 
It has to be sent to:
APPLICATION FEECZK 2000 / USD 100 (application),
SCHOLARSHIPErasmus+ scholarship for mobilities available.
APPLICATION DEADLINEFebruary 29 – for the academic year 2024/2025

More detailed information on the faculty website

Filled e-application

The graduates develop a unique interconnection of artistic creativity and technological skills in fashion design and fabric patterning and gain both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience in production. The aim of this programme is to provide students with solid foundations in the area of textile technologies and possibilities of textile and clothing production in relation to the common disciplines of art and aesthetics. The graduates find employment in the profession of a designer of textiles, clothing, textile and interior accessories, or in the profession of a jewellery and bijou designer. Because of their wide knowledge and skills they can be employed in various industry lines, trade and marketing. Their prime employers are enterprises focused on textile and clothing productions. Other possible employment is in companies focused on computer graphics, designing centres, promoting and marketing agencies, and so on.

Below you can see what students in this study programme are capable of. The patterns originated from a project of students in the third year of their studies and the paper accessories (click on the pictures to see them in their full size)  are products of students in their first semester.