Preschool Education

Educational goals

“The undergraduate major in Preschool Education is designed to provide substantial knowledge and skills concerning pre-primary education. Therefore, undergraduates are able to apply broad-based theory and practice with regard to the individual specificity and distinguishing characteristics of young children. The goals of the major are to: – apply gained personal and expansive knowledge on early childhood development as well as practice necessary skills in their future teaching career; – consider and analyze educational and psychological issues within the pedagogical-psychological context; – prepare, lead and assess various educational programs of pre-primary classes; – apply broad-based educational and training activities that focus on acquiring knowledge, skills and habits of young children according to a particular educational program while coordinating goals with age-appropriate content. In cognitive development, undergraduates are able to stimulate children’s multifaceted development in fields, such as language, literature, drama, PE, music, arts, and mathematical and natural scientific concepts; – enhance practical and creative skills, especially in the field of arts and pre-literacy; – provide educational methods for intact population and children with special educational needs when establishing individualized syllabi and assessment strategies. ”

Profil absolventa

Profil absolventa: “The pre-school teacher candidate gains deep knowledge and hands-on experience in:- pre-school education, and training; – general psychology, evolutional and pedagogical psychology, group dynamics, leadership; – knowledge and skills in language, aesthetic education, reading and mathematical pre-literacy, environmental education and science education; – skills in pedagogical diagnostics of individuals and groups; – theoretical knowledge and skills in the fields of application, creation and editing of games as well as compilation of programs and game activities; ”


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Preschool Education (B0112A300007)
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Educational Studies

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