Biomedical Technology

Educational goals

The aim of the Biomedical Technology study programme is to acquire the professional competence to practise as a biomedical technician who is able to practise a non-medical health profession in accordance with the applicable legislation. The study programme is in line with the current vocational study programmes of the European Union countries and corresponds to the basic principles for the education of health professionals. The study is designed as a theoretical-practical whole with a focus on the preparation of a qualified non-medical health professional with a university education in biomedical technology.

Profil absolventa

Profil absolventa: The graduate provides information to the patient in accordance with his or her professional competence and, where appropriate, instructions from a doctor, dentist, pharmacist, clinical psychologist or clinical speech therapist, participates in practical teaching in curricula to gain fitness for the health profession, participates in the preparation of standards, motivates and educates individuals, families and groups of persons to adopt a healthy lifestyle and to care for themselves, participates in ensuring that work is done The graduate participates in the documentation of medical devices used by the health service provider under the Medical Devices Act, participates in the selection of medical devices for purchase by the health service provider and participates in their commissioning, ensures the servicing of medical devices, checks the quality of its implementation or performs it himself under the conditions laid down by the Medical Devices Act, ensures that the medical device operator is briefed under the conditions laid down by the Medical Device Act at the Health Service Provider. The graduate participates in the process of reporting suspected adverse events of medical devices under the Medical Devices Act, operates medical devices and their assemblies in the context of medical assistance (does not perform activities related to the operation of parts of medical devices and equipment that are sources of ionising radiation and activities reserved to persons with special competence under the legislation governing the use of nuclear energy and ionising radiation). The graduate shall acquire the professional competence and authorisation to perform both independent and team professional activities. The graduate performs activities mainly in the framework of diagnostic and therapeutic care in cooperation with a doctor or biomedical engineer.


Study programme
Biomedical Technology (B0914P360007)
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Health Care

Courses of Biomedical Technology programme

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