Radiology Assistence

Educational goals

The aim of the Radiological Assistance Study Programme is to acquire the professional competence to practise as a radiological assistant who is able to train a non-medical health profession in accordance with the applicable legislation. The study programme is in line with the current vocational study programmes of the European Union countries and corresponds to the basic principles for the education of health professionals. The aims of the studies, including professional qualifications to pursue the profession of radiological assistant, are acquired in accordance with the applicable legislative provisions.

Profil absolventa

Profil absolventa: Graduate demonstrates knowledge in biomedical fields, is responsible for nursing care provided in radiological procedures, know the principles and techniques of nursing care during radiological diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and techniques. Graduates shall be able to use medical devices, tools and equipment to ensure the safety of the patient at his/her best convenience, have the competence to control and independently perform radiological imaging procedures and irradiation techniques, including radiological procedures used in medical exposure, in health facilities in radiological, radiotherapeutic, nuclear medical and other workplaces where they are performed Graduates are qualified to perform safe medical exposure to the extent of their professional competence, are able to interpret and apply important laws, rules, restrictions and recommendations for the application of ionising radiation to patients and workers. Graduates are able to optimise radiation protection, assess whether indicated or required medical exposure is not contrary to the principles of radiation protection and, where appropriate, propose appropriate measures within the scope of their professional activity, are able to perform routine tests of operational stability in all types of radiological health centres. A graduate may, without professional supervision and without indication to the extent of his or her competence, provide healthcare in accordance with legislation and standards.


Study programme
Radiology Assistence (B0914P360009)
Type of study
Form of study
Length of study
Awarded degree
Education area
Health Care

Courses of Radiologická asistence programme

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