General Nursing

Educational goals

The aim of the study programme General Nursing is to acquire the professional competence to practise the profession of general nurse, where the graduate is able to practise the non-medical profession in accordance with the applicable legislation. The study programme is in line with the current vocational study programmes of the European Union countries and corresponds to the basic principles for the education of health professionals. The concept of the study programme respects the recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, the requirements of the European Union and the World Health Organization and professional organizations, especially the Czech Nurses Association, The International Council of Nurses, European Federation of Sisters and Others.

Profil absolventa

Profil absolventa: A graduate shall demonstrate knowledge, skills and attitudes in activities which he or she may undertake without professional supervision and without indication to the extent of his or her professional competence. Provides healthcare in accordance with legislation and standards, ensures compliance with the hygiene-epidemiological regime in accordance with legislation governing the protection of public health, makes entries in medical records and other documentation resulting from other legislation, works with the health service provider’s information system, provides information to the patient in accordance with his professional competence, where appropriate, instructions from a doctor, dentist, pharmacist, clinical psychologist or clinical logo In addition, he participates in practical teaching in medical profession-qualifying courses carried out by secondary schools and higher vocational schools, in accredited medical study programmes to qualify for the medical profession carried out by universities in the Czech Republic and in educational programmes of accredited qualification courses. It contributes to the preparation of standards, motivates and educates individuals, families and groups of people to adopt healthy lifestyles and to take care of themselves, participates in ensuring the integration of new health professionals and implements measures to deal with the consequences of an emergency or crisis situation.The graduate performs activities without professional supervision and without indication, in accordance with the diagnosis made by the doctor or dentist, providing or providing basic and specialised nursing care through the nursing process. The graduate evaluates the needs and level of self-sufficiency of patients, their disease manifestations, risk factors, including using measurement techniques used in nursing practice (e.g. self-sufficiency tests, bedsore risks, pain intensity measurements, nutrition status). It monitors and evaluates patients’ physiological functions, including saturation, for guidance.


Study programme
General Nursing (B0913P360030)
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Health Care

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