Educational goals

The aim of the study program is to educate technically educated specialists at the bachelor level with sufficient basics in mathematics and natural sciences. Their possible work position is in multidisciplinary teams focused on research and development in the field of biomaterial engineering. In particular, the development and testing of new materials or devices for medical applications. With a high-quality science base and mastering the basic knowledge of biomedical engineering, it is also possible to understand the interactions between biomaterials and biological systems and to test materials for various medical applications. The study program provides an interdisciplinary perspective and approach to address current issues in the development and testing of biomaterials, particularly for tissue engineering, drug delivery systems, wound dressing, etc.

Profil absolventa

Profil absolventa: You will apply the acquired knowledge, experience, and skills in companies or academic, scientific, and research institutions focused on materials research and development associated with medicine application. Graduates can find employment, for example, in the position of assistant or laboratory assistant in multidisciplinary teams focused on production, development, and research in the fields of biomaterial engineering. These include, for example, the development and testing of medical materials, materials research, including the management of modern operating technologies. The possibilities of application are by no means limited to the Czech Republic or Europe. As our graduate, you can continue your studies in follow-up science or technology-oriented master’s degree programs, including the follow-up master’s degree program in Bioengineering.


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Bioengineering (B0519A270001)
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Pedagogy for Non-Teachers

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