Business Administration and Management

Educational goals

This programme aims at educating graduates who have a deep and systematic knowledge of microeconomic theory, research methodology, quantitative and statistical methods for processing empirical data. Graduates further gain additional expertise in specialized disciplines of business economics and management, focusing in particular on the behavior and management in a global environment of innovation and new instruments of corporate financing.

Profil absolventa

Profil absolventa: The graduate at the doctoral level has knowledge of: – advance economic concepts and categories, and understands the connection between them in the context of major economic theories and schools of economics, – mathematical-statistical methods applicable in business data processing, – key world regions in economic and geopolitical terms, – current management approaches, business activities and processes, including the methods, tools, and technologies (IT) to control them, – knowledge relevant to the preparation for top managers and graduates in the fields of higher education, science and research, – knowledge in the field of regional development.


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Business Administration and Management (P0413D050020)
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