PURE Grant Program

The strategic objective of the PURE grant program is to strengthen the long term performance and quality of scientific work in the field of basic research at our university. Support will be awarded to smaller, clearly defined and compact teams which have already demonstrated their ability to produce basic research results comparable at international level.

NOTICE: Due to budget constraints, we do not have enough information at this time to announce the PURE and RISING-STARS Grant Programs call. The call announcement will be postponed and the dates adjusted to reflect the announcement date. We will inform you about the next steps within the next 14 days, i.e. by 31.12.2021.

Grant support applications

Applications are submitted via the online portal (don’t use Internet Explorer, requires to log-in to Google services using account @tul.cz):

See also the user manual for working with applications PURE and RISING-STARS.


Ask questions about grant programs and online applications via grant questions submission form.


PURE specific

TUL grant programs in general