Nanomaterials in Natural Sciences

Department of Nanochemistry

head: RNDr. Michal Řezanka, Ph.D.

The focus of the department is on the synthesis of organic molecules (especially cyclodextrin derivatives), the preparation of nanoparticles of gold, magnetite or silica and the treatment of these nanoparticles or other nanomaterials (nanofibers). The department further develops new carriers for tissue engineering and prepares hybrid nanofibers for heterogeneous catalysis of organic reactions.

Department of Environmental Technology

head: Ing. Mgr. Lukáš Dvořák, Ph.D.

The Department of Environmental Technology is focused on applied research and development in advanced wastewater treatment and post-treatment technologies (particularly by using membranes and biomass carriers), removal of micropollutants from water, remediation of contaminated groundwater, and air/gas filtration. The department also specializes in applying nanomaterials in environmental (bio)technologies. Research is carried out through the solution of national and international projects and in close cooperation with industrial stakeholders, commercial entities, and other research institutions. Through a commercial form, the department also solves the individual requirements of the industrial and commercial entities in various environmental and biotechnological areas. Modern equipment enables comprehensive testing, verification, and optimization of different biotechnological systems.

Department of Applied Biology

head: RNDr. Alena Ševců, Ph.D.

The department is designed as a flexible platform supporting a wide range of tasks related to the study of microorganisms. The main tools in this area are designed to be applicable to different types of samples, with an emphasis on contaminated aquifers and soils, deep groundwater, freshwater and biofilms on facades.

Department of Environmental Chemistry

head: doc. Ing. Stanislaw Waclawek, Ph.D.

The department focuses on the development, application and testing of various types of new (nano) materials in various environmental technologies in order to achieve significant improvements. Part of our research is also focused on membrane technologies, including the creation and modification of membranes to reduce biological pollution and increase their functionality (permeability).

Analytical Laboratory CXI TUL

The Department of Environmental Chemistry also includes an Accredited Laboratory of Chemical Remediation. It is a testing laboratory performing a wide range of chemical, microbiological and biological analyzes of various materials. Our services are listed on the website of the Czech Institute for Accreditation.

The laboratory is accredited according to ČIA standard ČSN EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 No. 1611

Competitive Engineering

Department of Vehicles

head: Ing. Robert Voženílek, Ph.D.

The department is engaged in research and development of ecological power units with optimization of energy transmission and conversion for transport, mobile machines and energy equipment. It also deals with the development of new hybrid propulsion systems for mobile and stationary vehicles that meet EU 6 emission limits and greenhouse gas limits, with an emphasis on the use of new types of fuels from renewable sources.

Department of Machinery Design

head: doc. Dr. Ing. Ivan Mašín

The department uses classical experimental methods in continuum mechanics, i.e. measurement of kinematic quantities, deformations, force effects, etc., using suitable sensors and appropriate measuring chains. The research is further focused on mechatronic systems with active control characterized by a fast response to changes in the input signal, prediction and correction of the kinematic state. An integral part of the research is also controlled and uncontrolled damping and springing elements as a power source of active vibration isolation systems.

Department of Advanced Technologies

head: Ing. Jiří Bobek, Ph.D.

The department is engaged in extensive and targeted research not only in the field of technologies for metal processing, but due to the dominance of the existing workplace in the Czech Republic, it is strongly focused on the field of plastics and composites processing.

Department of Advanced Materials

head: Ing. Mateusz Fijalkowski, Ph.D.

The department is focused on the evaluation of physical, mechanical and tribological properties of the formed layers using state-of-the-art equipment to determine the mechanical properties of thin layers, coatings and substrates. Associated laboratories also deal with plasma treatments or the study of nanocomposite materials.

Laboratory of Microscopy

The microscopy laboratory is part of the Department of Advanced Materials. It is a contracting and service center of CxI, deals with the analysis of materials using a wide range of microscopes from fluorescence microscopes to the most modern electron microscopes with the nanometer resolution.

head: Ing. Mateusz Fijalkowski, Ph.D.

Department of 3D Technologies

head: Ing. Jiří Šafka, Ph.D.

The 3D Technology Department is dedicated to research and development in the field of additive technologies. Our activities include 3D printing using the latest

technologies for processing metal and polymer materials. Outside of the 3D printing process itself, we specialize in the preparation of 3D CAD data, optimizing geometry for 3D printing technologies, and also with respect to force loading (topological optimization). We also pay special attention to finishing operations (post-processing) in order to increase the usability of 3D-printed products.

System Integration

Department of Software Architecture and Development

head: Ing. Jindřich Cýrus, Ph.D.

The department focuses on data management, providing support in the field of storage, processing, evaluation, advanced analysis and presentation of large amounts of data. The laboratory uses HoloLense 2 holographic technologies to program industrial applications and optimize operations.

Department of Mechatronic Systems and Robotics

head: Ing. Tomáš Martinec, Ph.D.

The department deals with the solution of specific structural units of industrial robots and their effectors, mechanical elements of automation technology and peripherals of robotic workplaces. Associated laboratories design industrial and service robots for special applications, develop new types of effectors, grippers and machine vision systems.

Department of Process Modelling and Artificial Intelligence

head: Ing. Jan Kočí

The department focuses on data management and computing in order to ensure support in the fields of storage, processing, evaluation and advanced analyses and management of large volumes of data. Promotion and collaboration in a solution of individual tasks fall under the daily tasks of this department.

Department of Physical Measurements

head: Ing. Michal Kotek, Ph.D.

The professional focus of the department is the measurement of physical quantities for the purposes of automation and optimization of industrial systems and experimental research of physical events in technological processes. Research activities also focus on the design and development of measurement methodologies and application measurement chains.