About faculty

The Faculty of Economics was established with effect from May 1, 1992, as the fourth faculty of the Technical College of Mechanical and Textile Engineering (today Technical University of Liberec), and it began its activities in the academic year 1992-1993.

Indispensable to the scope of the Faculty of Economics is its research activities. Influential results are regularly presented at the international conferences “Liberec Economic Forum” and “Liberec Informatics Forum”, organised by the Faculty in two-year cycles. The Faculty of Economics is the headquarters of the North Bohemian regional section of the Czech Society for System Integration; it works closely with the Chamber of Commerce, the Czech Marketing Association, the Association of Accountants, as well as with leading industrial companies, banks, insurance companies, and other major institutions from economic and public life.

The Faculty of Economics of TUL initiated the establishment of and is now the editors’ headquarters for the prestigious scientific journal E+M Economics and Management, which is listed, among others, in the databases along with Journal Citation Reports and Scopus. Since 2010, the journal E+M Economics and Management has been allocated the impact factor.