Department of Foreign Languages

head: PaedDr. Helena Neumannová, Ph.D.

The Department of Foreign Languages provides courses of foreign languages for specific purposes at four faculties of the Technical University of Liberec and at the Institute of Health Studies. The majority of teaching is provided at the Faculty of Economics, where students of all specialisations in various years of their studies are offered business language courses in English, German, Russian, Spanish, and French. The department also ensures professionally oriented English courses and, to a lesser extent, German courses to students of technical faculties as well as the Institute of Health Studies.

Department of Economic Statistics

head: Ing. Vladimíra Hovorková Valentová, Ph.D.

The Department of Economic Statistics focuses on a wide range of statistic sciences, which include statistic, econometric and economic-mathematical methods applied in all economic areas. The fundamental objective is to keep pace with the latest trends in the development of statistic methods, which, in connection with the creation of specialised statistic software, tend to be increasingly more sophisticated. In addition, research into different possibilities for applying statistic methods is of particular significance.

Department of Economics

head: doc. Ing. Pavla Bednářová, Ph.D.

The Department of Economics participates in pedagogical and scientific activities of the Faculty of Economics. The department takes part in teaching in the bachelor, master as well as doctoral study programmes. The main mission of the department is to provide students with the knowledge of basic principles of economic life, contemporary economic theory and support their ability of creative economic thinking.

Department of Finance and Accounting

head: Ing. Martina Černíková, Ph.D.

The department focuses its teaching and research activities on the following areas: financial accounting of business entities and auditing on the national and international level, financial accounting in the area of services: financial institutions and the nonprofit sector, managerial accounting, costing and pricing in tourism, financial management of business entities, taxes and tax practice, tax theories, money and capital market, banking.

Department of Informatics

head: Ing. Petr Weinlich, Ph.D.

The Department of Informatics has been focusing on the issues of using agile approaches to support information processes in entrepreneurial organisations as well as in society for a long time. The most important area of interest being the use of innovative approaches to assure optimised information sharing in emergency situations (e.g. natural disasters, terrorism, traffic safety).

Department of Marketing and Trade

head: doc. Ing. Jaroslava Dědková, Ph.D.

The Department of Marketing and Trade provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of marketing strategy and research, corporate communication, the psychology of consumer behaviour, and business negotiations as well as international marketing and trade.

Department of Business Administration and Management

head: Ing. Eva Štichhauerová, Ph.D.

The Department of Business Administration was established in 1992 along with the Faculty of Economics at the Technical University of Liberec. The department´s sphere of interest can be divided into three areas based on the development, research and collaboration with businesses: entrepreneurial environment, the management of processes and corporate relations, and strategic management.