About faculty

The Faculty of Textile Engineering was established in 1960 and used to be the second faculty of the former university.


There is possible to study textile and industrial engineering, textile materials and technologies, clothing technologies, textile marketing and design. Faculty of Textile Engineering offers higher education in the bachelor, master, resp. follow-up master and doctoral study programs. All study programs are accredited in Czech and English language and in full-time and part-time forms.

Research & Development

The FTE is a renowned leader in the field of nanofibres, with discoveries such as the new technology of producing nanofibre textiles making it one of the prestigious higher education institutions. This technology led not only to industrial-scale production of nanofibres but also products made of this material. The science and research development of the FTE targets primarily the following areas:

  • New materials
  • Metrology and new quality assessment methods
  • Advanced textile technologies
  • Use of nanotechnologies
  • Application of results of creative work in product design and innovatios


The Faculty offers and provides a wide scope of services, the scientific research contracting activities, and the lifetime education for the industrial companies.