Department of Design

Head: Ing. Renata Štorová, CSc.

The Department of Design (KDE) is a creative workplace that guarantees education in Design. The  study concept is based on creative activity associated with searching for new methods for the visual processing of materials and nontraditional realization of products. Since the beginning of the visual study, the student is guided to produce designs in certain textile and fashion technologies, glass technologies, jewel-related technologies, or interior accessories.

Department of Textile Evaluation

Head: Ing. Roman Knížek, Ph.D.

The Department of Textile Evaluation (KHT) is focused on the high education of textile marketing specialists that uniquely combine marketing education with knowledge of textiles and industrial management, where the graduates receive education in the area of new product development and quality management. The department currently concentrates on the development of measuring equipment for the evaluation of comfort and automatic defect detection.

Department of Nonwovens and Nanofibrous Materials

Head: Ing. Jiří Chvojka, Ph.D.

The Department of Nonwovens and Nanofibrous Materials (KNT) has been focusing on the development of nonwoven and fibers layer production systems, as well as on theoretical material research in the given area. The Department was mainly engaged in R&D of nanofibrous materials and nanocomposites (produced by needle-less electrospinning, coaxial electrospinning, AC electrospinning, wet-electrospinning, meltblown technology, centrifugal spinning, drawing of individual fibers etc.) for various applications  (with unique filtration and acoustic properties or in bio-medical applications.

Department of Material Engineering

Head: Ing. Blanka Tomková, Ph.D.

The Department of Material Engineering (KMI) focuses on the area of textile and special fibers, textile metrology, composites with textile reinforcement, experimental data treatment (univariate and multivariate exploratory data analysis, calibration, regression) and textile quality control. Department further specializes in the chemical technologies of textile finishing, the production and development of SMART textile materials, advanced colorimetry, environmental aspects of textile production.

Department of Clothing

Head: prof. Dr. Ing. Zdeněk Kůs

The Department of Clothing (KOD) is a department providing education in the area of clothing and ready-made clothing production involving the entire technological process of clothing production and technical ready-made clothing production. R&D focuses on principles of these processes and clothing comfort, heat-insulation properties, the utility properties of clothing and clothing materials, somatometry and development in the parametric design of clothing patterning.

Department of Technologies and Structures

Head: Ing. Brigita Kolčavová Sirková, Ph.D.

The Department of Technologies and Structures (KTT) focuses on the modeling of spinning and weaving processes and systems, their optimization, structure modeling and properties of yarns, woven and knitted planar textiles; development of software for prediction and optimization of the properties of yarn and fabrics including visualization; development of new types of special textiles with higher added value for clothing and technical applications.