Erasmus+ Application Procedures and Deadlines

The deadlines for applications at the Technical University of Liberec (Erasmus code: CZ LIBEREC01) are:

  • 30 June for non-visa applicants for the winter semester (30 May if the student needs a VISA)
  • 30 November for the summer semester (30 October if the student needs a VISA)

Read about the experience of Erasmus exchange students Furkan Yilmaz from Turkey (SS 2021/22) and Tamás Rácz from Hungary (WS 2017/18):

Application step by step

In order to be accepted for Erasmus+ studies at TUL:

  • the student must be nominated by a coordinator from the home university via email
  • after the nomination, the nominee receives an email with registration instructions
  • the student needs to register in the university system STAG and generate the STAG Learning Agreement
  • the STAG Learning Agreement needs to be signed by the nominee and the coordinator/s from the home university and a scan is to be sent back to TUL
  • the TUL coordinator organizes the check and approval from the faculty
  • once the LA is signed by TUL responsible persons, an acceptance email is sent to the student containing the signed LA and all other relevant information.

To show you how easy the whole process is, we have prepared a 6-step infographics for your better orientation: