Erasmus+ Application Procedures and Deadlines

The deadlines for applications at the Technical University of Liberec (Erasmus code: CZ LIBEREC01) are:

30 June for the winter semester (30 May if the student needs a VISA)
30 November for the summer semester (30 October if the student needs a VISA)

Read about experience of an Erasmus exchange student (WS 2017/18), Tamás Rácz from Hungary here

Students who need to apply for a VISA are asked to inform the TUL Erasmus+ office by e-mail about the town where they have applied for the VISA in their home country to let the TUL Erasmus+ office know where to send the electronic confirmation of accommodation. Acceptance letters in Czech and English languages will be sent to the International Office of the home university together with the signed Learning Agreement and the Application Form. These letters state the dates of the beginning and the end of the semester according to the TUL academic calendar.

To consult the choice of subjects for the exchange stay, Erasmus+ exchange students are asked to contact the ECTS Coordinators of the corresponding faculty at the TUL.

Applications should include: A Learning Agreement and a Transcript of Records before the mobility is duly signed.The processed Learning Agreement will be sent back to the International Office of the home university as proof of acceptance.

Usually one week prior to the semester beginning there are Welcome Days planned.

The winter semester 2018/19 starts on 17 September, 2018 and ends on 21 December, 2018.
Examination period: 2 January, 2019 to 1 February, 2019.

The summer semester 2018/19 starts on 4 February, 2019 and ends on 10 May, 2019.
Examination period: 13 May, 2019 to 14 June, 2019.

Accommodation is booked upon acceptance of the student at Harcov Residence Halls. The cost for students is 90 CZK/day for a single bed in a double room. A small kitchen and a bathroom are shared for each unit of two or three double rooms. There is no need to send a special application form or to register. A deposit of 5,000 CZK is required at arrival in cash and in Czech crowns. The student should announce the date and time of arrival by e-mail and pay accommodation from the beginning of the semester even if he/she arrives later.

The address of Harcov Residence Halls: Koleje Harcov (pronounced [koleye hartsof]), 17. listopadu 584, 46015 Liberec 15, Czech Republic. (e-mail: us.koleje@tul.cz)

Halls of Residence
  1. Halls of Residence ˆ 17.2.2015

Visiting staff have the possibility to book a room at the Harcov Halls of Residence mentioned above or at the University UNIhotel.

For practicalities, please make sure to study the information provided below and also in the other parts of the TUL webpage under the headings of Admissions (Applying for Visa), Campus Tour and the International Office.

Visa Prolongation and Residence Permit Information